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Happiest of New Years, Stage 32-ers!

I hope you all are taking it easy after the holiday excitement, but I also hope you’ve set your sights on conquering your creative journey!

Crawling. Striding. Dancing. However you find yourself in the New Year, I hope you’ve had quality time with loved ones, time to reflect on the past year, and found inspiration for how to move forward this year. Wait… how DO we move forward?

The creative journey and the professional journey are not too dissimilar - you learn, you practice, you challenge yourself through application, and then you reflect so you can figure out what’s next to learn. In this way, we are all on this journey together, whether novice or seasoned professional. We’re all learning and growing. We’re all taking stock of what has passed so we can improve our future.

Crazy thing is - when we’re all on this journey together and work together in the process, then we learn from each other. We challenge each other. We lift each other up. Do you know what I’ve learned from you, my Stage 32 fam? I’ve learned that when you show up, put yourself out there, do the work, celebrate victories, try something new, reflect, ask for help, and give back when you can, then you crawl, stride, and dance your way to success. And those lessons were just from the past few weeks! Thanks, Stage 32 fam! What an amazing community we have!


Top 10 Lounge Posts 2021 Begins with Learning by Doing


Please enjoy the first Top 10 Stage32 Lounge Posts (and LESSONS) in 2021:

1. LEARN BY SHOWING UP: What Was the Best Thing You Learned on Today’s AMA with Our Founder and CEO Richard Botto

  • Taking part in RB's "Ask Me Anything" is a fantastic free resource for learning, but discussing it afterward is a great way to meet all different types of members - writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, art directors, etc.

2. LEARN BY PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE: London-based Stage 32 Member Adam Morse Gets Distribution After Sharing His Story on the Stage 32 Blog 

  • This is a great way to show support for other members and you can also check out Stage 32 Success Stories to cheer on other members.


  • I can’t think of a better 2021 THEME!

4. LEARN BY GIVING BACK: Should You Direct and DP Your Project? NO! And Here’s Why!  

  • Topics are often prompted by our members, and we’re so fortunate to have a huge talent pool who take the time to go into detail for the benefit of all.


  • Stephen Foster is a veteran poster in the Acting Lounge and he’s sharing his new love of short-form comedy!

6. LEARN BY REFLECTING: Foreign Language Films - Unfair Categorizing?

  • Even if it’s not our personal work, reflecting on the choices of others can help us be better filmmakers.

7. LEARN BY ASKING FOR HELP: Pitch Question - “We Meet…”?

  • The next big step for writers is selling what they write, so reaching out to the community for help is a great way to take that step!


  • When your monetary resources are short, let your relationship resources come through!

9. CELEBRATE THEN ASK FOR HELP: Ripple Optioned for Animated Feature  

  • Share your victories and your challenges so you don’t lose momentum!


  • You never know until you ask!



Johnny K. Wu’s Indie Feature has a Poster



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