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You’re waiting in the wings before walking on stage, but you’re worried about last looks for hair and make-up. You’re researching locations before submitting a budget, but you’re not sure if filming on location or in-studio is safer or worth it. You’re writing a particularly powerful scene, but you’re not sure if the joke lands to break the tension. Even in our virtual workplace, we still have the ability to gain perspective before making an important decision by posting in the Stage 32 Lounges!


Top 10 Lounge Posts Check It Before You Wreck It

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Should you “check yourself before you wreck yourself”? Consider the alternative, and I must admit, I am an expert in that arena. Well known for having to learn the hard way, I often try something, fail, lament, and then try again. Eventually. Unfortunately, it is always at risk that you’ll stop trying when knocked down too many times, and the only way to be successful in this business is to keep going! When the stakes are high, why not reach out to other professionals to give yourself more options? You’ll still have to try it for yourself, of course, but there may be a wiser, more collaborative approach.


Top 10 Lounge Posts Check It Before You Wreck It

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Today’s collection of Stage 32’s Top 10 Lounge Posts highlights the strength of having an encouraging and positive community in your corner. While talking to yourself is certainly an option - sorry, thinking out loud, so as not to be seen as “crazy” - why not get a little help from your network? Save time, save money, save the headache, and enjoy the ride! All great reasons to stop in the Stage 32 Lounges!

Whether you’re toying with an idea or weighing a big decision, writing a lounge post is a great way to move forward with confidence. Don’t forget - you can bookmark any “evergreen” posts, whether by topic or by opportunity. You can also get the link to the post to share by clicking the “share” button on the bottom, right-hand corner of the post. Not sure which lounges you are subscribed to? You can confirm your subscriptions here.


Top 10 Lounge Posts Check It Before You Wreck It


Without further ado, today’s Top 10 Posts:

1. SCREENWRITING: Screenplay-to-Book Adaptation 

Asking about adapting your IP into another format is a fantastic way to engage with the Stage 32 Community! If you’re writing one script for multiple formats at the same time, definitely check in with the Transmedia Lounge as well!

2. Introduce Yourself: Screenplay to Novel

It just so happens that another member has already benefited from this idea of adapting a screenplay into a novel. It’s worth it to search the lounges to see if your question is being addressed and answered elsewhere. You can search lounge topics here. The search bar is at the top right! 

3. DISTRIBUTION: Docuseries - one episode or a full series? 

  • Creating anything is a huge investment of time, effort, and money. This is a great conversation to delve into what needs to be done and what can wait for later.

4. DISTRIBUTION: Documentary Short Distribution 

  • Such a great, specific question to help unpack options before making the next move. Also, worth monitoring if you are looking for short doc distribution!

5. FILMMAKING: Go big now or later? 

  • When you’re just starting out, sometimes you just need insight from more experienced creatives to keep up your energy.

6. SCREENWRITING: What are your thoughts? 

  • You can post your loglines to your profiles, but what if you want to workshop it a bit? Definitely post to get that discussion going!

7. FILMMAKING: From critic to director? 

  • Feeling the negativity from others about attempting something? Chime in and let the Stage 32 community relieve your nay-sayers!

8. POST-PRODUCTION: Apple M1 chips vs PC Intel - mobile workstation 

  • Buying new assets can be a huge investment, and who better to ask than experienced professionals.

9. PRODUCING: Transitioning a podcast into a docuseries 

  • A new format for content that’s already been created is still a major undertaking.

10. PRODUCING: Controversial Topics 

  • Even if you’re not asking about a specific topic, you can still get a gauge if broaching that topic would be a wise next step. A great discussion!


Honorable Mention:

ACTING: FUN POLL: Stuff or Services? 

  • Making it hypothetical can make the discussion fun and more about “getting to know you” than “getting what I need”.

FILMMAKING: Filmmaking is a Fickle Mistress… 

  • A fantastic bit of writing from Shane Stanley, giving readers a bit of encouragement in the midst of the madness. Enjoy!

No matter where you are in your process, you are always welcome to start the conversation in the Stage32 Lounges! Not sure where to start? You can DM me or email me at For now, why not start with the links above? Click, read, comment, and start a post of your own! I look forward to seeing each of you in the lounges!



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