Top 10 Lounge Posts: Making It Work

Posted by Karen "Kay" Ross

Forward momentum may well be the most coveted yet elusive commodity in the film and television industry. How do you get traction? How do you get noticed? How do you "work with what you've got"? Our heads can swirl with so much seemingly unknown. What can be worse is when that worry meets doubt, fear, and despair. Luckily, at Stage 32, we're not about the worry. We're all about the work!

If you can't find what you're looking for in one of our blogs, one of our upcoming or past webinars, or the ever-growing available script services (did you know we now offer a Book-to-Screen Consultation? How cool is that?!), then you can always reach out in the lounges. You never know. Maybe your query becomes the basis for something big, like our upcoming November Write Club! Whatever has you stuck, keep Project Runway's Tim Gunn's words at the ready to combat any drag on your momentum: "Make it work!"

If you haven't noticed yet, there is a trend with these posts – whether looking for inspiration, perspective, or advice, posts on the Stage 32 lounges are geared towards creating and keeping up your momentum by focusing on the craft and business. Sometimes discussing the film and television industry online can feel more like griping than connecting or collaborating.

At Stage 32, we strive to keep our global community interactive with constructive feedback, actionable advice, and/or encouraging words. In fact, the coolest thing the Stage 32 community members continuously contribute is honest and authentic perspectives from their experiences. You all are FANTASTIC! Keep bringing it!

It's so encouraging to see members growing excited about the projects they are working on, talking about making the industry better, and reflecting on others' work to see what they can glean. When we see others ask for help, it also reminds us to reach out when we're stuck. Somehow, when we offer our time and wisdom to help others, we, in turn, are reminded of what we already know or can utilize.

Helping others helps ourselves, as is the nature of any collaborative endeavor. And therein lies the secret of forward momentum: slow down, redirect your energy, but don't stop! Whether you're stuck on a problem or offering solutions to others, please take a moment to peruse the lounges, post, and comment, and then... MAKE IT WORK!


Top 10 Lounge Posts Making It Work


Without further ado, here are the latest Top 10 Lounge Posts:


  1. Do Working Actors Need a Voice in Media
    • This is a fantastic discussion on “celebrity culture” and how working actors could be better represented in media.
  2. Honing In on Skills
    • There’s nothing better than to share in someone’s enthusiasm for the art form, and this member started a fun conversation about this particular animation style.
  3. How I Make Things Happen with No Time and No Money
    • This is a fantastic reflection on how to keep making passion projects while busy with commercial work.
  4. What do DPs Look for in Storyboards?
    • This is a fantastic reflection on how a director’s preparation demonstrates their “style” before set begins and what really matters to a DP.
  5. Mercury The Musical
    • This composer is giving a stage musical new life in film form and is looking for advice on how.
  6. Recent Graduate
    • This producer is looking for advice on how to make short films with limited resources.
  7. Who Are Your Editing Heroes?  
    • A fantastic reflection on editors you admire – a great tool to learn about different editing styles and meet new friends at the same time!
  8. What Distinguishes a “film” from a “video”?
    • Such a great topic for those who may consider themselves “content creators” but not sure if they can claim to be a “filmmaker”.
  9. What Makes a Film Look Low-Budget? 
    • Even with a subjective question, weighing in with a qualitative perspective can help shape decisions for filmmakers.
  10. Creature FX Resources  
    • Wrapping out the month of horror films, contribute to and snag leads from this thread about how to make creatures.


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Producing a no budget to super low budget indie film in our current Covid state
    • The indie feature film saga continues with only 5 filming days left! Check out the latest update!
  2. Book Rec: Directing Actors by Judith Weston
    • A classic film book recommendation – what would you recommend?


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