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Even if you're not in Hollywood, you can get a sense of the "business" by what professionals are talking about. What have Stage 32 members been talking about lately? The work. What work their doing, how to do the work, and getting back to the nitty gritty. It's exciting, but it's also a great time to show how much value you bring. Taking a few minutes to answer another's questions could be a great advantage to them and show what a fantastic asset you are!
It's true, the lounges are a great place to exercise the gift of the gab. It can also be a fantastic tool to get the work done. Arranging a table read? Reach out on the Acting Lounge. Need feedback on building a budget? Check in with the Producing Lounge. Have a dilemma with your scoring software? Ask away in the Composing Lounge. Don't forget you have a network you can enlist to participate in the conversation. Why not post the question in the appropriate lounge and then direct message the link to a few special Stage 32 members you think could contribute and collaborate?
Remember, give more often than you ask for favors, and those around you will want to work with you. After another fantastic round of Introduce Yourself Weekend this September, this is a great time to give your time, donate your wisdom, or just lend a little good will to your fellow creative. You never know when that investment will pay off, but it is totally worth it!
Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Lounge Posts:
  1. Hoping to Find Post-Retirement Success 
    • This is a fantastic example of introducing yourself, what you're working on right now, and commenting on others' comments to make the post into a conversation.
  2. Award-winning Actor's Drama Reel
    • This is a great example of how to both introduce yourself and ask for feedback on something you're working on without it feeling like a promotion. If it reads like an ad, it will be redirected to the Your Stage Lounge.
  3. Need Animation Software Help
    • This is a great example of reaching across the aisle; a writer is making an animated trailer and is asking advice right from the source.
  4. Will You Read for Me?
    • Another writer who is breaking out of their shell and requesting actors for a table read. Good for practice, networking, and a potential future gig!
  5. [Do You Use] Projection Tech?
    •  Links to videos aren't always a great way to engage members, but with a visual medium, it can be a great start.
  6. Is It Worth It To Submit to Virtual Film Festivals?
    • We're all adjusting to the times, and what better way to gauge the lay of the land than by conferring with the community?
  7. [What is the] Composer relationship with sound designer?
    •  Understanding relationships helps both with hiring and with workflow in the production/post-production process.
  8. Film Shorts: What Should I Be Thinking?
    • After you do research, you can absolutely reach out to the Stage 32 Community for a consensus opinion.
  9. Using Digital Performer as main DAW?
    • Talking shop makes my heart happy, even if I don't understand all the shop talk yet.
  10. Building a Budget for an Indie Film
    • Even poorly formatted posts get responses - if you ask for advice, people are happy to oblige!


Top 10 Lounge Posts Stage 32 Members Doing the Work  Inviting You to Join


Honorable Mentions: 

  • Producing a Low-Budget Indie During COVID 
    • This is a long post, but it will be the kind of post you'll want to follow over the next few weeks. If you like or comment on a post, then you will get alerts when others comment on it as well.
  • When Do You Ask for That Favor? 
    • Speaking of contributing until you need a favor, when do you ask for that favor? This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 
Click on the link, add a comment, or start a post of your own! What do you want to talk about?
Just want to promote your website, reel, or other link to your work? Be sure to post in the Your Stage Lounge for feedback or promotion! Not sure which lounge to post in? Feel free to direct message me on Stage 32 and I will gladly suggest next steps!
Thanks for checking out this week's highlights, and I look forward to seeing each of you in the lounges!

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K. Ross is a graduate of Colorado Film School and Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She’s a screenwriter, actor/director, and producer based out of Los Angeles. Originally from the DC area, she’s written and produced several short films, hosts "The Pre-Pro Podcast" aimed at teenagers interested in media, and is currently developing a slate of new material, including a coming-of-age TV Pilot set at the Renaissance Festival and a feature film about how "compassion fatigue" affects everyday people. She enjoys acting, directing, and being interviewed, just like her fun-loving mentor, Kevin Smith. She loves opportunities to work with inclusive, diverse, and driven professionals.

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