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Did anyone else sing “Network While You Work” to the tune of “Whistle While You Work”? Only film geeks, amiright? Or maybe it’s only Disney geeks? With less than three months left in 2020, it is so gratifying to hear so many projects are moving into production (utilizing COVID compliance safety precautions, of course). Major films and shows, local businesses, and of course the intrepid independent sets as well, all finding a way to move steadily forward. With more jobs, it also means it is time to balance the work with the networking!

Sometimes the posts in the lounges look intimidating, but they can be just as helpful at connecting with industry professionals as chatting at craft services, if you know how to keep moving. Take a note from the lastest posts! Drop in, ask straight-forward questions, share your struggles, or reflect on your process. No need to toil over every word, and we know you don’t have time for that anyway! Remember, you lose time scrolling but you gain time and experience with community interaction.

What useful videos have you found? Share them! What recent experience have you learned from? Reflect on them! What’s the next step in your project? Reach out and see who’s interested! Then you have a conversation to pick up during your break or after you’ve wrapped. As I’ve learned from RB and Amanda, it’s all about the “jab and move”!

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Lounge Posts:

  1. The Art of Ruining Ideas and Turning Them into Something Better
    • This is a fantastic reflection on this filmmaker’s process and she turns limitations into opportunities.
  2. All-Female Above-the-Line
    • This post invites a conversation about what we’re doing to hire women and what our experiences have been with women in leadership roles.
  3. Online Table Reads  
    • Nick from Stage 32 is putting together a roster of willing talent to pull from to do table reads. Virtual table reads is an on-going trend that I’m so excited to see!
  4. What do you do [as actors]?
    • This is a fantastic post both sharing one’s experience and inviting others to share as well – anyone else practicing their monologue?
  5. A Goal is a Goal is a Goal
    • This is a fantastic motivational speech!
  6. First Time On Set? Check this out! 
    • This is a virtual “walk through” on set in the UK as a production assistant!
  7. QC, the gay rodeo musical
    • This is an invitation to collaborate, and I sincerely hope more people hop on this bandwagon!
  8. Questions for distributors
    • A great question about how to approach distributors. Click the link to join the conversation or see the insights!
  9. The ONE Remake I'm NOT Mad At!
    • A great discussion about what films or shows you’d actually welcome!
  10. Influences: Any other Novelists More Inspired by Movies Than Other Books?  
    • We’re all looking for inspiration and this is a great topic to get novelists inspired based on films.


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Producing a No-Budget to Super-Budget Indie Film during COVID [CONTINUED]
    • That post I said you should keep tabs on? There are some great updates and behind-the-scenes photos!
  2. Looking for Collaborators
    • You can absolutely post a job listing for available roles, but sometimes you also want to gauge people’s interest in your project by posting in the lounges. This is a project that is getting really great responses and the writer is moving forward with that momentum!


Top 10 Stage 32 Lounge Posts Network While You Work
Click on the link, add a comment, or start a post of your own! What do you want to talk about?
Just want to promote your website, reel, or other link to your work? Be sure to post in the Your Stage Lounge for feedback or promotion! Not sure which lounge to post in? Feel free to direct message me on Stage 32 and I will gladly suggest next steps!
Thanks for checking out this week's highlights, and I look forward to seeing each of you in the lounges!

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