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Hello, fellow creatives! Whether you are looking for your next gig or in the middle of a shoot, enjoying some extended time outdoors or staying in to crank out that next script, I hope you are continuing confidently forward on your creative journey! But what if you don’t feel the forward momentum? What if you’re feeling the heavy, messy trudge like Atreyu through the mud in The NeverEnding Story? First, don’t stop! Stepping back to reassess how best to progress, however, can allow you to come back stronger.

Today’s collection of Stage 32’s Top 10 Lounge Posts highlights that part of our creative process where we pull back to focus and recharge our batteries, and how, when we reach out again with those sights are set, the invitation to collaborate is undeniable. Changing jobs? Changing techniques? Job hunt slowing? Just starting out? Rebranding? Reflecting? All great reasons to stop in the Stage 32 Lounges and reach out again!

Whether you’ve hit a wall or had a breakthrough, writing a lounge post is a great way to get out of your head and get back into that collaborative groove. Don’t forget - you can bookmark any “evergreen” posts, whether by topic or by opportunity. You can also get the link to the post to share by clicking the “share” button on the bottom, right-hand corner of the post. Not sure which lounges you are subscribed to? You can confirm your subscriptions here.


Top 10 Stage 32 Lounge Posts  Stepping Back Regrouping  Reaching Out Again


Without further ado, today’s Top 10 Posts:

Open Invitations:

1. Back in Business

  • When you’re shifting gears into another role, you can reach out as part of your rebranding

2. Reaching Out as an Actor: “My specific brand / casting”

  • Speaking of rebranding, getting another set of eyes of your work is a great way to reach out to the community! Be sure to make it a discussion everyone can benefit from, though. If it’s solely self-promotion, it’ll be redirected to the Your Stage Lounge.

3. Greetings Everyone 

4. Screenwriter

  • HOW you write a post can say just as much about you and where you’re at - this is a great example of enjoying the art of the re-introduction!

The Direct Approach:

5. DOP Looking for New Collaborations

  • The direct approach can garner a lot of attention as it's easy to answer a direct question!

6. Looking for an Accountability Partner

  • What a great invitation for a new collaboration! Knowing what you need is a fantastic benefit of regrouping before reaching out again.

7. Seeking Collaboration(s)

  • With a clear understanding of what you want, you can also give others the confidence to respond.


8. Moving Forward in Self-Forgiveness

  • Sharing your reflections during your regrouping process can help invite candid conversations that lead to deep connections. What a beautiful bit of writing from one of our instructors, Shane Stanley.

9. Not sure how to transition from playwriting to screenwriting

  • Being upfront about where you are coming from and where you’d like to go - our community can help you get through the muck faster!

10. THAT stage of writing…

  • Sensing the slow of the muck, reach out before it slows you down too much. That’s what we’re here for!


No matter where you are in your process, you are always welcome to start the conversation in the Stage 32 Lounges! Not sure where to start? You can DM me or email me at For now, why not start with the links above? Click, read, comment, and start a post of your own! I look forward to seeing each of you in the lounges!


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K. Ross is a graduate of Colorado Film School and Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She’s a screenwriter, actor/director, and producer based out of Los Angeles. Originally from the DC area, she’s written and produced several short films, hosts "The Pre-Pro Podcast" aimed at teenagers interested in media, and is currently developing a slate of new material, including a coming-of-age TV Pilot set at the Renaissance Festival and a feature film about how "compassion fatigue" affects everyday people. She enjoys acting, directing, and being interviewed, just like her fun-loving mentor, Kevin Smith. She loves opportunities to work with inclusive, diverse, and driven professionals.


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