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Here at Stage 32, we always have our ear to the ground when it comes to industry news. Our mission is to keep our community educated, inspired, and motivated. Naturally, the topic of productions starting back up has been a hot-ticket item in the industry. We were proud to share two Stage 32 member's stories about their experiences shooting during the pandemic.

Emily Skye, a director, screenwriter, and cinematographer, shot her award-winning short film River in North Carolina in May and is ramping up for production of the feature-length film, shooting in September. Definitely take a moment to read Emily's article, "How to Shoot (Safely) During a Pandemic". Additionally, international production duo Toronto-based producer Michael Goitanich and Atlanta-based writer/director Connor Pannell are working closely with the CDC on their upcoming TV-pilot shoot later this month. Be sure to check out their article, "How to Produce an International Pilot During COVID-19".

Now, you have likely heard of Atlanta-based entertainment tycoon Tyler Perry's "quarantine camp". He had a cast and crew of 360 people working and living round the clock in his Army base turned studio lot in Georgia. His cast and crew have officially wrapped shooting season two of the show Sistas, and with a 30-page set of safety guidelines managed to complete this lofty goal COVID outbreak free! The Los Angeles Times covered the story, and details all the ins and outs of how they shot a full season of scripted TV safely during the pandemic. 

Have you been working on set? What safety tips do you have for your fellow creatives? Comment below! 


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