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I was sitting in my brand new Papasan chair a little while ago, whining to my cat (who could care less whether I live or die) that I didn't feel like writing something that had a deadline.

After he sauntered away completely disinterested, I got up quite reluctantly and started writing.

This little blurb is what came out of me.

And for the record, I'm not going to go back to copy edit it, because I'm doing a warm-up exercise as proposed by James Rush, an award-winning playwright who struggles with dropping pages from time to time. James claims that by sitting down and spewing out whatever, that we can switch our writing brain on. No editing, no thinking (too hard), just pure, unadulterated writing.

Unconscious Writing To Make You Conscious Again

Yes, yes, I know this isn't anything brand spankin' new, but have you tried it? Have you ever just started writing when your brain told you it would rather have ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and then the next thing you know you've pulled out a rough draft of The Godfather?

Me neither.
But I have laid out some pretty spectacular pages this way.

I'm gonna go finish writing this stream of unedited consciousness in another document so you can start reading what James is talking about. Sound good? Good. It's not a bad little read.

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Switch Your Writing on By Switching Your Brain Off





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