Posted by Harrison Glaser

Hey everyone! Harrison here, the Director of Education at Stage 32. As a lot of you know, I’ve been working hard this past year to put together new learning opportunities led by some of the top minds in the entertainment industry to help everyone in the Stage 32 community grow in their field, whatever that field may be.

And I’m super proud of what the education we’ve been able to provide! We’ve programmed webinars, classes and labs that have helped writers, directors, script supervisors, editors, actors, producers, grips and camera operators, line producers, and EVERYONE when it comes to things like pitching, networking, getting meetings, and breaking in at any age.

It’s our dedication to this incredible Stage 32 community that has allowed us to create the largest library of film, TV and new media education in the world, with well over 1500 hours of content that helps out everyone from beginners to Oscar and Emmy winners.

I’m also so excited about the incredible instructors that have given their time and expertise over the past few months to teach the Stage 32 community about all aspects of the film, TV, and new media landscape with credits including THE BOYS, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE SIMPSONS, PEN15, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, EXTANT, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, THE DAILY SHOW, CASTLEVANIA, INSIDE OUT, GRIDIRON GANG, VEEP, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, SEX AND THE CITY, 2 BROKE GIRLS and so many more.



Yet this is just the beginning. There’s ALWAYS more to learn and always more ways we can grow here at Stage 32. But I need your help to do that!

You might be surprised by how many of our recent webinars came about due to suggestions and comments from the community. I rely on your thoughts heavily when planning new content and finding new instructors.

You can help me plan the next six months of Stage 32 education by telling me what you need, what you’re working on, what you’re struggling with, what you need more practice doing, and where you hope to grow this grow.

Put your thoughts in the comments below or email me WHENEVER at I’m always excited to hear from you and to learn what you’re working on.

I may even be able to give a present to some of the folks who I hear from.

I can’t wait to continue helping you all out and making our education even better.

So tell me, How can I help you with your craft and career goals?




Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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