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You are a screenwriter. The mere thought of typing FADE IN makes you feel alive (or scares you!). And, no matter where you are at - at the grocery store, in the car, in the shower - you hear voices in your head. Wait, that sounds wrong - you hear your characters voices in your head. That's better. You can't imagine a scenario without you pouring your thoughts onto the page.
To be a working screenwriting in today's film, television and new media landscape you no longer can be just great at writing. So, what else is there to it? You have to know the business.
No matter if you're an emerging screenwriter or a seasoned pro you can see that the business of writing is evolving and you need to be at the forefront of it. Take it from two of the most active executives from Hollywood.
Christopher Lockhart is the story editor at WME, the world's largest talent agency and is the first line of defense when scripts are submitted to be considered by A-list talent such as Denzel Washington, Rachel McAdams, Bill Skarsgard and many more.
Richard "RB" Botto is our fearless leader and founder and CEO of Stage 32, as well as a working screenwriter and producer who's had films play at Sundance, Cannes, Raindance and many more.
In this webcast you will get to meet your Screenwriters Safari mentors Christopher and RB as they will go over what makes a great script, how a script stands out when it gets to a decision maker and give you some tips and advice on how you can separate yourself from the pack. 
In this can't-miss hour with Christopher and RB you will learn: 
  • Biggest Mistakes Screenwriters Make in their First 10 Pages
  • In a script, where does a writer shine or fail?
  • What makes a good longline? 
  • Tips to get a script’s page count down
  • What do writers need to know to succeed business-wise?
  • How does a writer get a manager or agent? 
  • How can the Screenwriters Safari help your screenwriting career? 
  • How do you get your script in front of a decision maker?
  • Should you have your seasons mapped out when writing a TV pilot?
  • Tips on a script treatment, pitch and synopsis 
  • Tips on pitching & including movie or tv comparisons 
  • How do you stay motivated as a creative? 
  • ... and more!
Stage 32 and Screenwriters Safari are partnering to bring you a once-in-a lifetime opportunity in South Africa where art and commerce meet to help you become not only a better writer - but a better student of the industry, which is vital in today's world. Best of all, you will work hand in hand with mentors like Christopher and RB to help get your writing where it needs to be and learn the business to put together a plan of attack to get yourself out there.
To learn more about Screenwriters Safari click here or email

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