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I have to share something with you that unfolded with another screenwriter last week.

It happened in a Facebook Group when the screenwriter posted:

"How do you stay motivated to write everyday when you're not getting paid?

...I'd treat it like a job and be at my desk everyday at 9am, a hour for lunch at 1pm, back at 2 and finish at 5. Really, I would. But writing for free, having no idea if anyone is going to buy your script? In my mind the voice that says "GET A PROPER JOB!" gets louder and louder all the time...

How do you cope?


As you can imagine, it spurred a thread of advice that offered all sorts of feedback. But the primary message that seemed to shine through was: Don't write for the money. Write for the passion.

Why Writing For a Single Audience Member is Your Key To Success

We've seen this message show up from time to time right here on Stage 32. It's sparked some question about the kind of mindset we should have as we dive into the world of screenwriting and filmmaking. Should it be done for the love of it? Or for the cash reward that comes when we finally "make it?"

It was when another member posted a link to an article that the message really came full circle. The article is titled: "To Reach an Audience of Millions, Create for an Audience of One." Basically, it speaks to how when we decide to take on this craft strictly for money, our creativity is lost.  What do you think?

Read the Full Article Here:

To Reach an Audience of Millions, Create for an Audience of One


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