Announcing Our 4th Annual Comedy Writing Contest

Announcing Our 4th Annual Comedy Writing Contest

Announcing Our 4th Annual Comedy Writing Contest

Nick Assunto
Nick Assunto
6 years ago

So you think you can dance write comedy?TM

Then great! Find out if you really can. Especially if the only people who've told you "you're funny" are small children. Because let's be real, they'll laugh at anything. Just any silly face. Any bad impression. Slinkies. Sure, they're great self-esteem boosters, buy they're terrible gauges for top-notch comedy content.

Stop trusting this-->Image result for laughing baby stock photo

And enter Stage 32's 4th Annual Comedy Writing Contest. Now open for submissions!

Whether you’re writing feature comedy screenplays or 30-60 minute teleplays, we want you to bring the funny!

This year, we will again be flying our winner out to Los Angeles for face-to-face meetings. Further, other winning writers will have online meetings with executives and all finalists will have their loglines exposed to a list of hundreds of executives for the possibility of having their scripts requested.

Our contests have a stellar reputation to give the best writers industry access and to provide opportunities that can help move the needle on their career!

This year's winner will be flow to LA to meet with NBC Universal, A&E Networks, Zero Gravity Management and more!

Check out last year, Diana Wright's success here:

YouTube Video


We’re looking for any and all comedy based screenplays and teleplays.

Feature Length Screenplays:

Everything from broad comedy to rom coms to parodies to dramedies to horror comedy to indie comedies and beyond will be accepted!


30 or 60 minute Original Comedy Pilots Not Based on an Existing TV Show

- This is your original pilot in 30 or 60 minute form

30 or 60 Minute Comedy Spec

- This is your take on an existing comedy or dramedy show (Big Bang Theory, Veep, Silicon Valley, The Orville, etc.)


For an additional fee of only $49 (50% savings!) you can receive full coverage from our industry readers on your screenplay or teleplay. Just check "coverage" upon checkout. Coverage will be sent out after the winners are announced.

"Stage 32 contest coverage is even better than some of the industry coverage I received. Thank you for these invaluable notes!" - E. Robinson

"The insight from my coverage from the Stage 32 contest helped me improve my script's dimension exponentially. I had looked at the script so much that I can't believe I missed a major plot point. Thank you!!" - S. Persons

Do you have a great comedy script? Click here to learn more!

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