char·act·er - A Stage 32 Exclusive

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

One of the best films I've seen on the festival circuit over the last few years is a documentary called char·ac·ter. Featuring some of the most accomplished craftsmen of the last 50 years including Sydney Pollack, Peter Falk, Harry Dean Stanton, and Charles Grodin, it's a brilliant examination of what makes an actor tick – the motivations, the fears, and the challenges.

I was so enamored with this film, I caught it three times along the way.  I viewed it from a different angle each time – as an actor, then as a filmmaker, and finally as a screenwriter.  Invariably, the insights were remarkable and priceless.  Also invariably, I was left wanting more. 

Little did I know there was more… much more.  The filmmakers had shot hundreds of hours of footage with dozens of other actors including:

Alfred Molina, Robert Forster, John Savage, Jack Klugman, Charles Durning, Burt Young, Rutger Hauer, Bob Gunton, Charles Napier,  William Sadler, Nick Searcy, Joe Morton, Ernie Hudson, Ed Begley Jr., Bill Duke, Mark Rydell, Doug Jones, John Diehl, Henry Winkler, Peter Mark Richman, Dom De Luise, Dan Lauria, Edward AsnerStephen Root, Billy Drago, John Doe, Scott Wilson, Eddie Jones, Richard Riehle, Saul Rubinek, Larry Moss, L.Q. Jones, Geoffrey Lewis, Mike Fenton, Robert Loggia, David Paymer, Bruce Smith, and Robert Easton.

They all ended up on the cutting room floor… until now.

Stage 32 has obtained the rights to not only stream char·ac·ter in its entirety, but the EXCLUSIVE rights to all the interviews left out of the completed film.  

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from those who have climbed to the top of the mountain and, in many cases, been pushed off, only to rise again.  I have no doubt you will find the film and the clips motivational, inspiring, and entertaining.



To view char·ac·ter and read a story on the origins of the project as told by director Drango Sumanja, please click here.
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