Coffee & Content - Jordan Peele's Advice on Writing Thrillers & 3 Things New Filmmakers Overlook

Coffee & Content - Jordan Peele's Advice on Writing Thrillers & 3 Things New Filmmakers Overlook

Coffee & Content - Jordan Peele's Advice on Writing Thrillers & 3 Things New Filmmakers Overlook

Happy Sunday, everyone. Miss me?

All apologies for no new Coffee & Content last Sunday. We wrapped filming on Rain Beau's End in Chicago on Saturday and then, well, there was the after party. Enough said. Our shoot couldn't have gone better. Eighteen days of shooting, nearly a month in Chicago, but it all came together. Our cast, including Ed Asner, Sean Young, Melanie Chandra, Janelle Snow, Amanda Powell, and a host of others knocked the cover off the ball. I'll be sharing more from our shoot including how we hired nearly 20 Stage 32 members to work on this project over the next weeks/months. (For now, feel free to check out a wealth of pictures on my Instagram account here.)

In the meantime, let's get back on track with another edition of Coffee & Content.

It's no secret that between the success of Get Out and now Us, Jordan Peele is one of the hottest writer/directors in town. So who better to turn to for advice on writing thrillers? In our first video, J. Peele lays down some knowledge you'll want to take to heart.

Next, back to our friends at Film Riot. With so many people (smartly) looking to control their own content, creatives who normally found themselves in front of the camera or behind the scenes are turning their attention toward directing. For many, however, this is a scary proposition. Nobody wants to be exposed as neophyte. Well, let's take some of those fears and apprehensions away with our second video, 3 Things New Filmmakers Overlook.

Enjoy the videos, but remember to share. Embrace your collaborative spirit by sharing this content on your other social media accounts, through email and by shouting out the window. Give to live.

And, as always, I welcome your thoughts and musings in the comments section below.

Have a fantastic Sunday!



Jordan Peele's Advice on Writing Thrillers

YouTube Video
3 Things New Filmmakers Overlook

YouTube Video
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