Executive & Screenwriter Wrap Production On Pilot After Connecting Through Stage 32!

Executive & Screenwriter Wrap Production On Pilot After Connecting Through Stage 32!

Executive & Screenwriter Wrap Production On Pilot After Connecting Through Stage 32!

Harry Lowell
Harry Lowell
24 days ago

So, we're on set filming the pilot episode. On the monitor, we're watching a corporate meeting devolve into a hilarious gunfight. Yet, all I can think is that I owe this entire ridiculous situation to RB and STAGE 32. Let me explain.

Stage 32 is a fantastic platform for curating and connecting new, up-and-coming writers and filmmakers with entertainment professionals like me. My absolute favorite offering from Stage 32 is their consulting service. It allows me to interact with a writer in a more meaningful way, allowing me time to understand the person, the creator, their goals beyond the page, and to better help support their vision moving forward-- whether Film or TV. I love working with emerging talent. And at our company, NiteLite Pictures, we're always looking for fresh, new stories and perspectives.

Executive  Screenwriter Wrap Production On Pilot After Connecting Through Stage 32

So, back to how we ended up filming a corporate gunfight. Several months ago, via Stage 32, I was brought on to script consult for one of Tyler Council's TV projects. The consulting session was really successful: fun, creative, collaborative, and meaningful. We both got to see how the other works/thinks/operates. That consulting session gave me a peek into Tyler as a storyteller. And I was really impressed. That particular script wasn't right for us at NiteLite -- but it got me thinking: Tyler is someone I would love to work with.

Writer Executive Wrap Production On Pilot After Connecting Through Stage 32 Script Services

Now, the entertainment world likes to pigeonhole filmmakers: if you come from comedy, you can't do drama. You come from TV, you can't do Film. And this, I learned, was precisely Tyler's situation. Tyler is a successful DP and director in unscripted television. He wanted an opportunity to expand into scripted comedy. And that's where I stepped in to help.

Through our consulting sessions, Tyler also better understood me and NiteLite's objectives. We extended the original consulting sessions to continue the dialogue. Tyler took that opportunity to pitch me a separate concept, on the spot. Now that concept... that concept was really exciting for us.

Tyler had such an interesting premise and POV and was so open to collaboration, we just had to option the concept. So we did. And because Tyler's concept was so unique, we felt the only way to share the story with networks and streamers was to shoot a pilot. So we did.

While that's not the standard process, it's all coming together because of Stage 32, its educational components (hello pitching sessions!), and script consulting services. I've found that Stage 32's services help writers and creators craft their best work and connect with industry partners to champion their efforts. Those are the keys to success in entertainment: relationships and collaboration.

From script consulting to filming the pilot episode, including a corporate gunfight... we owe it all to Stage 32 for bringing our creative worlds together. With post-production underway, there’s more to come as we continue our journey with Tyler.

- Harry Lowell

Executive Producer / Showrunner
NiteLite Pictures

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