Film Reverie Podcast

Film Reverie Podcast

We are honored that Film Reverie had our fearless leader, Richard "RB" Botto on their popular podcast. For 90 minutes RB talked with hosts Michael Bekemeyer and Brad Kingston about all things creative, industry, networking, filmmaking and more.

Just some of the things that RB, Michael and Brad go over are:

  • What you can do to help your networking to improve your career

  • How social media is playing a large part into today's independent filmmaking

  • Fears that all filmmakers go through and advice on how to combat that

  • What are the top 3 things that people need to know about Stage 32?

  • Why do you want to be on Stage 32?

  • How Stage 32 works with hundreds of executives in production and management

  • Some of the several hundred sucess stories that have come as a result of the Stage 32 Happy Writers

  • Crowdsourcing - the definition and how and why it's important

  • Crowdfunding - tips and tricks and examples of creating a successful crowdfunding campaign

  • The pressures and stress you feel as a creative and what you can do to help manage that

In addition, Michael and Brad turned the tables over to RB as a screenwriter to talk about his own projects - including the book he's writing for Focal Press on crowdsourcing, as well as his script that is in development.

This is a fun talk about filmmaking and industry, but also creativity and finding balance in your life between the things that need to be done and the things you would like to do.

To listen, click here!


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