Hollywood Insight Podcast

Hollywood Insight Podcast

Our fearless leader, Founder & CEO, RB, was on the Hollywood Insight podcast hosted by Steven Trautmann, a longtime comedy writer in Hollywood. Joining them was actress Allira Jaques, a Stage 32 member who - just this year - used Stage 32 to help her move from Australia to Los Angeles. For a lively 45 minutes, Steve talked with RB about all things revolving around the industry - writing, filmmaking, producing, acting, education, the global reach of projects and so much more. And, Allira shared how Stage 32 provided her access, networking and education to help her with her big move.

Here's are some of the topics discussed during the podcast:

  • A fun story of how Allira Jaques started her career as an actress in Sydney, Australia, and used Stage 32 to help with her ultimate move to Los Angeles
  • The globalization of filmmaking and how Stage 32 is helping bring filmmakers together
  • Success story of a Stage 32 member from Ireland scoring a film for a Stage 32 in LA
  • Success story of a UK editor editing a film for a filmmaker in Chicago
  • Working with film commissions regarding tax examples
  • Breakdown of Stage 32 professions on Stage 32 - acting, filmmakers screenwriters
  • The importance of filling out your profile on Stage 32
  • Breakdown of Stage 32 Next Level Education
  • Webinars & podcasts available for people who are changing disciplines in the industry
  • The transition from being a writer to a filmmaker, or an actor to a producer
  • RB's background running RAZOR Magazine and how that transitioned him into working in the industry
  • The state of RB's script that is in development
  • Short films as proof of concept and how WHIPLASH developed from a short to a feature
  • How you can get a top talent actor attached to your indie project
  • Ability to meet and network with others via social media
  • Global success story for a New Zealand writer working in LA
  • Distribution of CUT! from Stage 32 director David Rountree
  • Future of Stage 32

To listen click below!

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