How To Brew A Family of the Arts and Why it’s so Important

How To Brew A Family of the Arts and Why it’s so Important

How To Brew A Family of the Arts and Why it’s so Important

Rashika R
Rashika R
2 years ago

Happy Autumn Creatives!

Growing up, I was known for my tiny stature and enormous personality, pretty much what I’m known for now. I loved making friends, family, and old people smile. I spent most of my time with my grandmother, the best storyteller, seamstress and soul fool chef on the planet. I enjoyed the sweet smells of sweet potato custard and homemade biscuits baking in the oven while she taught me how to sew lace on a doll dress. When we were finished, I’d follow her to the front porch where she taught me how to care for her little garden while sharing stories of working in cotton fields. She understood the value of details and how to make the moments count.

Today, those stories are like whispering lullabies by a Fall fire. They arouse my memory in a way that motivates me to create moments that inspire my children. Storytelling is magical. It is one of the most powerful sources to giving back to the universe. And the center focus of building my family. When my daughter mentioned she wanted to attend an art academy I was over the moon! It was time for momma to step it up and put a plan into action.

I submerged myself deeply in everything locally. I attended film festivals. I went back to film school and got a BFA in Creative Writing. I joined a gazillion screenwriting groups. I worked as a boom operator. I’ve never done that before, but it was worth the knowledge. I worked with 48 HR Film Festival as a writer, producer, and director and took my children with me to sets where they were casted or “offered” a small task.

How To Brew A Family of the Arts and Why its so Important

Still of Myself Acting in a Short My Daughter and I Wrote

The best way to win in this industry is to build a strong team and network like hell. Obviously, although I’d been working in the industry for about a decade, I knew my advice would never stick with a teenager who knew everything about life. So, art school was a blessing in preparing her for SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design. Now what better circle to create than the one you’ve “created.” I know this young woman she is driven like her momma. My eldest is a marketing genius who owns her space on Tik Tok, and my youngest is a digital artist.

When my daughter got her first gig with Netflix she called and said, “mom I’m so glad that you’ve made the arts a lifestyle for us.” I choked back the tears and replied, “it’s who we are.” “We are full of stories, characters and imagination will always create moments in time.” She’s now in her junior year. We’ve worked on two shorts together and working on a pilot. My youngest now attends an art academy and is working as creative director on my short-form animated series.

How To Brew A Family of the Arts and Why its so Important

Brianna Roberts, my daughter as Oya "In the Red and Brown Water"

The moral of the story is…

If Your Children Show Interest in the Arts Champion Behind Them

The arts bolster confidence in children and young adults.

Show Don’t Tell

Allow your children to see you in your element.

Learn From Each Other

You’re always evolving. Embrace other’s perspectives. It can increase opportunity.

Create A Team That Understands the Power of Art

It may take a while, but it’s worth having a circle with similar passions.

There’s No Such Thing as Self-made

Who we are is created by who and what inspired us as youngsters. Tiny moments whisked by us awakening those sparkly memories of excitement. As time stood still, we listened to our core drumming to do that thing that brings us joy!

If it’s all about who you know, knock down doors with knowing those who matter, respects and understands the process.

And…if you’re gonna stir the pot at least brew something to be proud of!

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