How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Creative

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Creative

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Creative

I left the embodiment of my networking circles, not once, not twice, more than twice. I would exit in and out again and again; it was a vicious cycle of character imbalance, one big shot of emotionalism and mental health unsteadiness in my life as a creative. Now that I’ve finally fled it, I’m here to share with you how I have managed to touch the sky.

As a creative one of the remedies you need to subdue emotionalism mental health incapacitation, you need to…

Let Your Artistry Define You

In 2020 I subdued my mental (un) well-being with dull emotionalism that surged through me, rooted in anxiety from a lack of any well-established creative work in my life. And what’s this remedy that helped me erase out the psychological instability?

It was none other than my efforts to develop and complete a creative work, a work that defined me as a creative in this world, which is all a stage, as so William Shakespeare alluded to it, and he was right. I was happy, and the joyful feeling about having completed my first ever book shot fulfillment emotionalism in me. My mental health was indeed in check. I even wrote a Stage 32 guest blog, Let Your Artistry Define You.

But shortly after, things turned upside down because I took for granted one life need, and that was none other than to…

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Creative

Beware of Concealed Emotionalism

Amidst my high-spiritedness, I had concealed low-spiritedness as well; the fragment of my personality that I hardly knew kicked in. All of a sudden, I got an unreasonable fear of social media and virtual networking platforms; I felt pulled down by the sight of low or no follower counts.

Basically, I dramatically transitioned into an anti-social media freak, and I hated associating myself with the platforms and any otherwise provisions that were of somewhat structural similarity, such as the networking platforms.

So, as a result, I could deactivate or delete my social media and networking platforms accounts shortly after rejoining the platforms but again, shortly after, I terminated my accounts. This trait continued in me again and again. My emotionalism and mental fortitude for social media and networking platforms had been incapacitated.

I was undecided if I really loved the platforms or not and what was the cause of all the confusion, the fear of being subjected to follower counts. So, fear was the cause of my emotionalism and mental health instability, the cause for this character imbalance.

Having realized and established the instability was due to fear, I needed a remedy to subdue this whole other emotionalism mental unwell being of mine, which had projected me into the character imbalance ordeal of repetitively flipping on and off of my online platforms accounts’ existence. The remedy was…

Appreciating My True Preference

I had to ponder over my life and figure out what I really, at the depths of my heart, wanted.

In life, when you are sure about what you want, then you will be able to overcome whatsoever fear lies in the way preventing your reach. I realized I loved to connect with fellow creatives and as well share with them inspiration and encouragement. That was truly what I wanted.

But then, my fear-fueled phobia of social media and online networking platforms was holding me back.

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Creative

At first, I held it so high in esteem that I believed at some point it was my true self; I set eyes on several renowned admirable successful creatives who had no presence on social media and networking platforms and lied to myself that I shared the same anti-social media preference as them.

I don’t judge them as wrong or right; I respect their preference of not being on social media, but as for me, that was not my true preference, considering the fact that I deeply yearned to virtually bridge with fellow creatives over social media and networking platforms.

So, because I kept on judging ill and repressing my true self in virtual socializing and networking preference, I became mentally imbalanced by a clash of the emotionalism of my true self and fake self.

My only way out of this was to appreciate and hold in higher esteem my true self-preference. As soon as I did that, I felt at peace with reinstating for good my presence online, and I did it happily this time round without tension as I used to back then when I was still engrossed in the habit of flipping on and off of my online platforms accounts’ existence.

Follower counts as low as zero were no big deal to me anymore, but rather I focused my attention and energy on the reason for my joining the networking and social media platforms; that reason was and still is to connect and share with fellow creatives inspiration and encouragement. I now come to you as a stable member of Stage 32.

Amidst the Struggle, Never Hinder your Artistry from Defining You

When I talk of letting your artistry define, I’m referring to creating works of your artistry other than repressing it.

Even when we are having clashing emotionalism or simply feeling down, all this imparting unto us a somewhat incapacitation of our mental health, we need to cheer up and produce creative works. It’s one good distraction from stress; it’s escapism that grows your confidence, a key element in overcoming the emotionalism mental health incapacitation.

Amidst my battle with my incapacitation, which I finally defeated, as I have shown you already, I always cheered up and wrote my books.

In 2020 during my anxiety phase of incapacitation, I wrote my first book ever, A Cat Has 9 Lives, I Have 9 Stories, a feminist insight short stories collection. In 2021, I wrote Rappers & Toasters, a hip-hop and reggae urban comic novel that Music Connection Magazine reviewed and spotlit in their July 2021 issue.

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Creative

This Music Connection media coverage privilege was a golden chance in my life, I never paid for it, but the magazine based it on pure passion and love for good literary work.

I was honored by this milestone which by the way I reached before I had overcome all my emotionalism mental health incapacitation.

So, hadn’t I cheered up and produced creative works during the incapacitation, I would have missed out on all this.


My conclusion is simple, go for your true self’s preferred path in your creative journey or else keep trapped in emotionalism mental health incapacitation. And as you battle with the incapacitation, produce a creative work of your artistry; don’t wait for the right time, as life can mean to offer you no right time. In the end, everything is up to you.

Finally, about specialized networking platforms for creatives, Stage 32 is founded by a fellow creative who generously shares his knowledge and wisdom from years of experience in the platforms’ blog spots but also in his own book; be sure to check it out here!

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