In the News: Stage 32 Featured in Business Insider

In the News: Stage 32 Featured in Business Insider

In the News: Stage 32 Featured in Business Insider

What's up Creative Army?

As many of you know, we recently partnered with Netflix to host a TV Pitch Workshop that has since been viewed by over 90,000 entertainment creatives (screenwriters, filmmakers, actors) and professionals (managers, agents, development execs, producers) from over 175 countries. Christopher Mack, the Director of Talent Investment and Development at Netflix, provided over three hours of exclusive insider information and tips on how to pitch to Netflix and what they look for in a show. And I might add, he did it with class, enthusiasm, and positive energy to spare.

I am thrilled to share that Ashley Rodriguez at Business Insider comprehensively covered our Stage 32 + Netflix TV Pitch Workshop in her article How to Sell a Show to Netflix with the Help of an Easily Digestible Pitch Document.

In the News Stage 32 Featured in Business Insider

Shortly after the release of Ashley's article, Stage 32 was featured again in Business Insider in the Article Netflix Research Finds that People Decide within 5 Seconds Whether to Keep Watching a Show. If you are a subscriber to Business Insider, you can read the full articles here and here.

Haven't watched our Netflix TV Pitch Workshop yet? Click here to download the full webcast for free!

Here is just some of what Christopher cover's in this exclusive Stage 32 workshop:

  • How to choose the right story to tell/pitch to Netflix
  • Netflix story/show essentials
  • How to write a pitch document for Netflix
  • What tools you need to pitch your show to Netflix (pitch deck, story bible, story arcs)
  • How to make your characters: Interesting > Likable
  • How to build a story/world that will last several seasons
  • ... and so much more

In the News Stage 32 Featured in Business Insider

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