Is There a Stage 32 Meetup in Your Area? Plus, Your Meetups Questions Answered!

Is There a Stage 32 Meetup in Your Area? Plus, Your Meetups Questions Answered!

Is There a Stage 32 Meetup in Your Area? Plus, Your Meetups Questions Answered!

Since we launched the Stage 32 Meetup section last month, over 150 meetups have been posted around the world. The stories that have come out of these events have been nothing short of inspiring.

We have received many questions about this new and exciting section of the site. Allow me to take a moment to answer the most common questions regarding Stage 32 Meetups and point out which Stage 32 meetups are coming up. As you'll see below, we have meetups taking place all over the United States, Germany, India, Japan and Canada proving once again that "Creativity Is Universal."

1 - Can anyone set up a Stage 32 Meetup?

Yes. Any member of Stage 32 can plan a Stage 32 Meetup. To get started, all you have to do is go to the main Stage 32 MEETUP page and click on "Add a Meetup". You may want to check if there is already a Meetup happening in your area around that time. You can do that through our search bar and by browsing the Meetup calendar on the main Stage 32 Meetup page (left hand side).

2 - Can I invite non Stage 32 members to a Stage 32 Meetup?

Yes. However, we hope you'll invite them to become members of Stage 32 as well! Remember, you can invite anyone you feel would benefit from the network through our INVITE section.

3 - Can I set up a Stage 32 Meetup for a specific discipline (screenwriting, actors, filmmakers, for example)?

Yes. Many Stage 32 Meetups are all inclusive networking affairs. However, many of our members have formed regular screenwriter, actor, filmmaker, etc, Meetups as well. Just be sure you specify this in the title of your Stage 32 Meetup.

4 - How do I know if there's a meetup in my area?

It's easy, just click the MEETUPS section on the Stage 32 menu bar and you'll be taken right there! Here's just SOME of the upcoming Stage 32 meetups:

4/28 - Kansas City, Missouri

4/29 – Cleveland, OH

5/1 – Birmingham, AL

5/2 – Grants Pass, OR

5/5 – Lafayette, CA

5/6 – Toronto, Canada

5/8 – Sarasota, FL

5/10 – Ebisu, Tokyo

5/11 – San Francisco, CA

5/12 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

5/14 – Los Angeles, CA

5/15 – Stuttgart, Germany

5/15 – Roselle, New Jersey

5/16 – Mumbai, India

5/20 - Cannes, France - Official Stage 32 Cannes Film Festival Meetup - Save the Date! More to come!

Hope this helps clarify things a little. If you have any further questions on anything regarding the new Meetups section, please feel free to post your question in the Comments section below.

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