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First off, a belated Happy New Year to all of our members. Over the last five months, Stage 32 has become the social network uniquely populated with the most creative people on Earth. The experience has been even more rewarding than we could have imagined. Thousands of our users have found work, launched new projects or simply made connections beneficial to their careers. We have received hundreds of letters from creatives who were ready to throw in the towel, only to be rejuvenated by the prospect of networking globally from the comfort of their living rooms. The Stage 32 community is talented, selfless and inspiring. We thank you for participating in the movement. We have many exciting and innovative items planned for the coming year. In 2011, we built the foundation; in 2012, we construct the dream factory. Stay tuned.

Since our launch, we've been extremely proud to bring you the best in guest bloggers. Over 20,000 of you read part or all of our most recent exclusive series written by Rex Pickett: "My Life on Spec - The Writing of Sideways." MLOS was a fascinating tale, one relatable to any creative. I can't thank Rex enough for granting us the exclusive rights to the series. Not only was it a gift to the community, it brought a new friend into my life, and for that, I'm grateful.

And now, we bring you another story from the trenches. Screenwriter and novelist Doug Richardson's five part series, "Writer Held Hostage," about the inner workings of the 2005 thriller film, Hostage starring Bruce Willis and directed by Florent Emilio Siri.

When Willis asks Doug to do a free three-week rewrite on the script for Hostage, it's an offer he can't refuse, especially given he has three other scripts set up at Willis' production company. But then the weeks turn into months. The months threaten to turn into years. Egos clash. Patience thins. Tempers rise. And there's still no paycheck? Will Doug bail or ride it through to the end?

"Writer Held Hostage" begins on Thursday, January 12, and new posts will premiere every Monday and Thursday through January 26. As was the case with Rex, Doug will be available to answer any and all questions in the comment section of the blog beginning with Thursday's post.

Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2012. I'm ready to get after it ... are you?



Part I: Writer Held Hostage
Postscript to "My Life on Spec: the Writing of Sideways"
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