Our Latest Ask Me Anything Session Now Available On Demand

Our Latest Ask Me Anything Session Now Available On Demand

Our Latest Ask Me Anything Session Now Available On Demand

Hello, Creative Army.

A few weeks back, I hosted another content packed AMA (Ask Me Anything). The members of the Stage 32 community who attended live brought their A-game. We went for 2 plus hours and covered about 2 dozen questions on film, television and digital related subjects. And now the entire show is available for you to watch On Demand.

Here's just some of what we discussed:

- How to raise financing for features

- How to find financiers

- How to find finishing funds for films

- How to make money off of short films

- Where to go to find distribution for short films

- How to best approach managers and agents

- How the Writers Guild / ATA dispute actually could give writers a competitive advantage

- How screenwriters shoot themselves in the foot and what they can do to fix it

- Why your goal should be reads, not representation

- Why investing in yourself should not only be a goal, but a well thought out strategy

- How to best change and maintain a productive and creative daily routine

- Best practices for maximum exposure of you, your bios, and your content on social media

- How introverts can make small strides every day that lead to big future gains in momentum

- Why you must stay engaged with your audience during post-production

- Why reading the trades and understanding the current changes in the marketplace is more important than ever

- How to give yourself a leg up on the competition when everyone is looking to accomplish the same thing

Click here to watch the video!

Again, these are just some of the topics we covered. But there's more, much more, including our infamous closing Lightning Round.

So buckle in, open your favorite app for taking notes (or a pad and pen for all analog listeners) and enjoy 2 more hours of free content here on Stage 32.



P.S - When you're done, you can watch my past AMA's here.

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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