RB on the Entertainment Drive Thru Podcast

RB on the Entertainment Drive Thru Podcast

RB on the Entertainment Drive Thru Podcast

Stage 32 Staff
Stage 32 Staff
7 years ago

Our fearless leader, Founder & CEO, Richard Botto was featured on the enormously popular podcast Entertainment Drive Thru hosted by Anna and Dan Zerin.

In the nearly 45 minute broadcast Anna, Dan and RB talked about all things industry, including:

  • The origin of Stage 32

  • Orson Welles connection to Stage 32

  • Today’s evolving business, Stage 32 is creating opportunity for free

  • Independent theater scene

  • The importance of collaborating around the world

  • The story of how a writer stationed in Afghanistan pitched through Stage 32 and got signed

  • The story of a composer in Florida who's composing a film for a Director in India

  • Too many creatives leave the game because they don't know how to network

  • The industry is in a state of flux

  • The barrier of entry for filmmakers has never been lower

  • The lack of resources on Facebook and LinkedIn for the creative business

  • If youre serious about your craft and spending more than 5-10 minutes of day on Facebook its a waste

  • Stage 32 education and why it's important

  • Evolution of technology and how it's affecting the industry


"We’re living in a virtual world"
"My passion is education and bringing education to the masses."
"This is a business of who you know."


Relax and Listen!

Enjoy the podcast! We look forward to your thoughts!

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