Remembering Michael Clarke Duncan

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

In my days editing RAZOR, I found myself in the company of Michael Clarke Duncan a number of times. A kinder, gentler man, you have never met.

Michael loved to tell the story of his ditch digging past. How he had dreams just like everyone else, and how he was "blessed" that "luck found" him. But Michael was much more than the subject of a lottery fable, he was an extremely talented, incredibly humble and generous human being. You simply do not amass 94 credits over a 17 year acting career without being stellar at your craft and having a reputation as a selfless collaborator.

I've had the pleasure and, at times, displeasure of meeting many celebrities over the last decade. Michael is the only one where each time I left a conversation with him, I departed a better and more aware man than when I entered. He leaves us way too young. He will be greatly missed.


Richard Botto, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Stage 32 member Richard Wilk
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