Stage 32 Certification Welcomes The Savannah Regional Film Commission!

Stage 32 Certification Welcomes The Savannah Regional Film Commission!

Stage 32 Certification Welcomes The Savannah Regional Film Commission!

Renee Leventis
Renee Leventis
a month ago

Hi, Stage 32!

I’m so excited to be joining this special community and to announce that the Savannah Regional Film Commission or SRFC and Stage 32 are collaborating to bring Certification opportunities to creative professionals in Savannah, Georgia!

If you live in Georgia and/or hope to work locally in the Savannah area, this is a great opportunity to make sure that you have the education needed to pursue your goals in production at a professional level. This is one of the opportunities that SRFC continues to utilize to help support our local creative professionals.

What is the Savannah Regional Film Commission?

The Savannah Regional Film Commission, an AFCI certified Film Commission, is the central point of contact for entertainment production in Savannah, Georgia. We promote the Savannah region as a premier film destination for motion picture, television, and commercial productions. Our office functions as a liaison between film companies and various municipalities in the Savannah region, while also providing location assistance and coordination with local crew and businesses.

The Savannah Regional Film Commission is a division of the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA). In addition to the state of Georgia’s tax incentives, the Savannah Regional Film Commission offers a local entertainment production rebate available for qualified productions.

To learn more, you can visit our website HERE and click on the video below!

Stage 32 Certification Welcomes The Savannah Regional Film Commission

Why I’m Excited About This Opportunity

“We are always looking for new opportunities for workforce development either in class or online and what sets Stage 32 apart is the commitment to the material, the caliber and experience of the teachers, and the convenience of being able to learn wherever there is an internet connection.”

– Manager of Operations, Renee Leventis, Savannah Regional Film Commission

Professional Script Supervisor Brianna Black’s Thoughts:

"It was very easy to understand and a great overview of the job. The instructor was clear with all of the subject matter and clarified any possible questions."

– Brianna Black, regarding the Stage 32 Fundamentals of Script Supervising Certification course.

How Does Stage 32 Certification Work?

Stage 32 Certification courses are taught by highly experienced experts in their fields across the entertainment industry, including Paramount’s Director of Production Maegan Philmore, ViacomCBS Senior Production Finance Manager Shalonda Ware, former head of production at eOne and Carsey Warner Courtney Conte, the legal team at the prestigious Los Angeles-based entertainment firm Ramo Law, Wrapbook’s tax incentive expert Ryan Broussard, film producer and DGA member Korey Pollard and many more.

These courses focus on bedrock production skills such as Script Supervising, Production Accounting, Cost Reporting, Production Management & more! Each course requires you to take a test at the end that you must pass to be entered into the Film Commission & Production Company Database.

Stage 32 Certification Welcomes The Savannah Regional Film Commission

The 2 Types of Certifications Available:

Individual Certifications

These are individual courses that focus on a particular skill set. You will watch the course curriculum training video(s) and be tested at the end to prove your understanding of the knowledge and receive your official certificate.

Master Certifications

These are a group of courses that make up a comprehensive knowledge of a particular discipline. You will need to take all the courses in each Master Certification and pass the test to prove mastery of each course and receive your master certification.

Stage 32 Certification Welcomes The Savannah Regional Film Commission

How Do You Get Started?

If you're interested in registering for Stage 32 Certification, you can do so NOW! To see this for yourself, click HERE!

And to help out, Stage 32 is offering 50% off ALL Stage 32 Master Certifications during the month of June. All you have to do is use coupon code JUNE50 at checkout and you can take 50% off as many Master Certifications as you’d like.

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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