Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Derek Johnson, Director & Cinematographer

Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Derek Johnson, Director & Cinematographer

Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Derek Johnson, Director & Cinematographer

Karen E Ross
Karen E Ross
a year ago

Did you know that Stage 32 has more than just screenwriters in its global community? There are tons of cinematographers, editors, animators, producers, and filmmakers, to name a few. Whether shorts or features, documentary or narrative, independent or studio productions, we’re all here! One of the best reflections from today’s guest is simply - you never know who you’re going to meet!

What am I saying is - Derek Johnson comes with a slew of valuable nuggets of wisdom! Lifting up and amplifying other voices as a filmmaker, the difficulties of being a documentary producer, and the importance of self-care to stay in the business. We even talk about how writing is important for production roles! While Derek started as a photographer and gained notoriety from his archival footage from 9/11, he has continued to grow and is now helming projects of his own.

The best part of the Member Spotlight series has been to get to know contributors in the Stage 32 Lounges a little bit better while showing the community that their next "professional friendship" is only one coffee date away. This time, however, it was so enjoyable to also allow my guest to get to know me. When someone asks you about yourself, how gratifying it can feel to reciprocate! This generosity of spirit is definitely the bedrock of Stage 32's mission. Today's guest is a fantastic example of lifting themselves up as they lift up others. No matter where you are on your journey, we hope you will keep going!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Derek Johnson, a long-time Stage 32 member and frequent networker in the Introduce Yourself Lounge. You may know Derek from his recent blog on “How to Turn Your Ideas Into Movies”, but you may not know that he’s been working on a biopic, Healing Waters, for the past three years! He’s also juggling two other projects - what a great testament to being a “film factory, not a film warehouse”! For any person in production, directing, or producing, you won’t want to miss meeting this Seattle native! Join me in welcoming Derek with a comment below!

Click HERE to Watch Derek's Member Spotlight!

YouTube Video

If you’d like more information on Derek, be sure to check out his website. If you’d like to check out some of the references from our conversation, here are some of those links:

Vanishing Seattle

Seattle Film Summit

Stage 32 BLOG “The Next Generation of Student Filmmakers Document The Seattle Film Summit

Healing Waters Film

And of course, you can reach out to Derek on Stage 32 here!

Enjoyed today's conversation? Don't wait for our next Member Spotlight video blog! Reach out through the Stage 32 Lounges and meet your own member to spotlight! If you meet someone you admire, you can direct message them or give them a shout-out on the Introduce Yourself Lounge! Don't forget to introduce your friends who may be shy or need a boost. We even started an Introduce Your FRIEND Weekend to expand on our monthly Introduce Yourself Weekend event!

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