Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Johnny K. Wu, Indie Filmmaker

Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Johnny K. Wu, Indie Filmmaker

Stage 32 Member Spotlight: Johnny K. Wu, Indie Filmmaker

Karen "Kay" Ross
Karen "Kay" Ross
2 years ago

Happy Lunar New Year, Stage32-ers!

What are you doing to celebrate the Year of the Metal Ox? We’re celebrating by highlighting one particularly stellar Asian-American indie filmmaker who not only weathered the beating of last year’s Year of the Metal Rat, but truly benefited. While we could all do with calmer waters this year, forecasts say to focus on diligence, hard work, and patience. I can’t think of a better example of persistence than today’s Stage32 member! Where so many other independent filmmakers make the mistake of spending money upfront, inflating their production budget, my guest today has successfully learned to navigate his “return on investment” through deferred payments, running a safe set, and delivering a quality end product.

Today’s conversation is with Johnny K. Wu, a long-time Stage 32 member and frequent contributor to the Producing Lounge. You may have heard about his ultra low-budget action film, Wu Lin The Society, from his updates on this post over the past six months! Yes, it’s an epic read, so pour your favorite beverage to go along with it - HA! He just wrapped production on his project shot locally in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. You can check out the trailer here. Join me in congratulating Johnny with a comment below!

Also, keep an eye out - we both have cameo appearances! Without further ado, my newest Stage 32 friend, Johnny K. Wu!

Click Here to Watch Johnny's Member Spotlight!

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