Stage 32 Member Writes Blog Post, Lands Contract in Scotland

Stage 32 Member Writes Blog Post, Lands Contract in Scotland

Stage 32 Member Writes Blog Post, Lands Contract in Scotland

Joleene Moody
Joleene Moody
3 years ago

One Stage 32 blog post.
Two hours to write.
Three opportunities as a result. (And one of them is in Scotland!)

When Stage 32 member Joey Madia wrote his first Escape Room narratives for an organization, it was in 2017. He wrote them for two 5-star escape rooms on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Those rooms are still active today.

Not long afterwards, he wrote and published a blog post right here on Stage 32 called Seven Steps for Writing Escape Room Narratives (And How to Find Opportunities to Write Them!). It told screenwriters how he got the job, and what they needed to do land their own work writing escape room narratives. But what he garnered from writing that post was far more than he expected.

Stage 32 Member Writes Blog Post Lands Contract in Scotland

"That Stage 32 blog post netted an offer to write an article on the thriller elements of Escape Room narratives for Creative Screenwriting Magazine that was published. Not long after, that same Stage 32 post led to meetings and an agreement with a Las Vegas Escape Room company that I will be writing narratives for by years end," Madia said.

But the best part?

That same Stage 32 blog post just landed him a contract with a Bed and Breakfast cottage in southwest Scotland!

"We're using the first floor of the cottage to start off a game weekend for guests where they have to solve the Escape Room narrative in order to release the cottage owners from the Fairy Realm so they can get their keys and go to their rooms. The Escape Room will use a combination of Scottish fairy lore, key events, and historical personages to lead players into the Celtic world of the supernatural. We're also in talks for me to design a murder mystery game featuring my Scottish pirate character, whom I have written about on Stage 32 in other blog articles."

A mighty big congratulations to Joey! And a massive thank you, too, for his regular contributions to our blog. We are humbled to have you among our membership and are excited to learn more about your Scottish adventure!

Check out some of the other great blog posts by Joey that have pit him as an expert in his field!

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