Stage 32 Screenwriter Optioned (and other success stories)

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

What a start to 2013. It seems many Stage 32'ers have to put the pedal to the floor as it relates to their dreams and aspirations. The success stories have been coming in fast and furious.

Over the last few days alone, we've heard from:

Two actors - one in Denmark, one in Chicago - who landed agents.

An editor from Los Angeles who has cut no less than 23 shorts who scored his first feature job.

A composer from Sydney who has been hired to score a film for a New York producer.

A theater actress from Los Angeles who, off the power of her reel, was invited to audition for a Broadway production. Her debut is in three weeks.

A screenwriter from New Jersey who met another screenwriter from Liverpool. They decided to collaborate on a script which is now moving into production.

Amazing stories all. Inspiring. Uplifting. Rewarding.

This one, however, holds a special place in my heart...

Philip Sedgwick is a screenwriter from Tucson, Arizona. He was also one of the earliest members of the Stage 32 community. From the day he signed on, Philip has been one of the most active members of the site. He posts frequently, shares articles, tips, and contributes to Lounge discussions. Most importantly, Philip is first in line to help out other members. Whether it's offering suggestions, a kind word, or simply sharing his experiences, Philip has always been a giver first and a taker second - or, in other words, a true collaborator.

This past week, Philip's screenplay, Adapting Louis, was optioned by dreamFILM. Almost immediately, Joe Nunez (Bridesmaids, Superbad, Seven Pounds), signed on. Production is scheduled to begin in August.

As if this story wasn't terrific enough, it's worth noting that Philip was a quarter-finalist at the Academy Awards' Nicholl Fellowship in 1990. Now, twenty-three years later, he's about to see one of his feature scripts - his scenes, his words - on the silver screen.

The lesson? You can't win if you quit. Perseverance wins the day.

The common denominator in the success stories above was how they used the site. They worked it every day. They posted. They shared. They contributed. They made contacts. They welcomed creatives into their network. They were tireless in their pursuit.

The saying goes that success is when preparation meets opportunity. I believe that to be so. But, then it also stands to reason that the more opportunities you create and the more you prepare, the greater your odds of success.

Philip, along with the other members mentioned, are proof positive of that theory.


P.S. - As mentioned, Philip was optioned by dreamFILM. dreamFILM is a not-for-profit film production company providing filmmakers an opportunity to work within their capacity on different films.

DreamFILM offers a variety of services for screenwriters, producers, and directors including feature script development, rewrite guidance, production budgets, scheduling and guidance, distribution and sales consulting, and career coaching.

On the heels of finding such great success through Stage 32, dreamFILM is offering all Stage 32 members 15% off their considerable list of services. Click here to learn more: dreamFILM Script and Production Development Services

P.P.S - If you have landed a gig, secured representation, launched a project or simply made a connection which has furthered your career, I ask that you please share your story in the Success Stories section of the Stage 32 Lounge. Your path to success just may influence the journey of another Stage 32 creative. Thank you.

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