Stage 32's June 2024 Education Schedule!

Stage 32's June 2024 Education Schedule!

Stage 32's June 2024 Education Schedule!

Happy Thursday, Stage 32 Community!

I hope that the last month has been joyful and productive for you all! Our Stage 32 Education Team has certainly been hard at work to bring incredible education opportunities and resources to this fantastic community.

This June, you'll have the chance to learn from knowledgeable industry executives, award-winning screenwriters, producers, directors, showrunners, actors, consultants, VFX artists, authors, and representatives. Impressive creative professionals who have worked on or represented such projects as FOXCATCHER, HER, MID-90's, SEARCHING, HAPPY DEATH DAY, THE BLACKLIST, PERSON OF INTEREST, THE NIGHT AGENT, TOKYO VICE, THE HELP, THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, CONTAGION, CHICAGO, FOOTLOOSE, THE BUCKET LIST, HONOR SOCIETY, SCHOOL SPIRITS, THIS IS US, S.W.A.T., N.C.I.S., THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS, TWO GRAVES, BLACK-ISH, THE MIDDLE, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, SINISTER, SECRET IN THEIR EYES, THE CIRCLE, SEVEN SECONDS, VIDA, BIG LOVE, JANE THE VIRGIN, and many others.

Don’t wait for all of the spots to fill up! Below is an exciting list of upcoming Stage 32 Education that is already available for you to register for!

Stage 32s June 2024 Education Schedule


Production Insurance: How to Protect Your Film or TV Project for Domestic & International Productions

Starting: Tuesday, June 4th

Instructor: Daniel R'bibo

Join us for an exclusive webinar that brings to the forefront the critical, often undervalued realm of production insurance, with insights from Daniel R'Bibio, the SVP of Gallagher Insurance. This webinar promises an in-depth exploration of production insurance, demystifying the array of policies from Production Packages to General & Auto Liability, Workers' Compensation, Errors & Omissions (E&O), and beyond, including an essential look at the insurance required for international projects.

PLUS! You will receive:

  • Insurance checklist for your production
  • Production application

Daniel R’bibo is a Senior Vice President at Gallagher and has worked on over 100 feature films including Oscar winners such as FOXCATCHER and HER, as well as A24's MID-90's, SEARCHING, HAPPY DEATH DAY and a dozen television shows. For nearly two decades, Daniel has provided insurance services for independent and studio projects that have premiered at Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, TIFF, and more. He has worked on all lines of insurance ranging from Production Insurance policies to Financial and Cybertechnology policies such as E&O, D&O, and Network/ Security & Privacy coverages. Daniel was featured in Risk and Insurance Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 List and has been awarded their Power Broker Award in the Media & Entertainment Category four separate times. Few people in the world know entertainment insurance better than Daniel, and he’s prepared to share what he knows exclusively with the Stage 32 community.

Introduction to Film & TV Motion Graphics

Starting: Thursday, June 6th

Instructor: Tom Firestone

With screens of all sizes, from the phone in our pocket to the flat screen in our home, motion graphics have become a part of our daily lives, Whether we realize it or not. More and more, screen graphics have become even more prevalent in films and TV shows. Understanding the intricacies of screen graphics for playback on set is crucial for successfully conveying key story points in an episode or film. In this webinar, you will explore the fundamental concepts of motion graphics and their integral role in cinematic and television storytelling. You will learn about the different types of screen graphics, from static to animated, and discuss the software, tools, and hardware equipment necessary for their creation. Not only will the design and build process, and the increasing use of interactive graphics, be explained, but you will also get tips for finding work as a motion graphics designer and sharing online learning resources. You will be discussing the different types of graphics used in film and TV, what tools you need to get started, the process of start-to-finish design, interactive motion graphics, and so much more.

PLUS you will get an exclusive resource guide for starting and navigating a career in motion graphics.

Tom Firestone is a digital artist who graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His expertise includes motion design, animation, and screen graphics for playback on set. He has worked for several renowned companies, such as Lucasfilm Ltd., NBC, Netflix, Universal, and Castle Rock Entertainment. Throughout his career, Tom has contributed his skills as a motion designer to many popular TV shows including THE BLACKLIST (100+ episodes), UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, PERSON OF INTEREST, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, KALEIDOSCOPE, and most recently, THE NIGHT AGENT and season 2 of TOKYO VICE.

The Secret to Cracking Your Script's Third Act

Starting: Monday, June 10th

Instructor: Jason Mirch

One of the most difficult things for a screenwriter to do is craft a strong ending to their narrative. Your script’s final act leaves a lasting impression on the reader and if you have not provided a satisfying resolution to your story your audience will feel cheated by the entire narrative. Even if you have set up great characters in Act 1 and raised the stakes and complications throughout Act 2, your final challenge will be to tie it all together with a resolution that answers the Dramatic Question you have established in Act 1. Your third act must pull all of the narrative elements together and still introduce a third-act “twist” while keeping the same tone, and without bringing in any new characters or additional storylines. It’s a difficult task. If your script can stick the landing, you will be above most screenwriters. You will better your chances of your script getting discovered or even produced. In this invaluable webinar, you will get practical advice and systems to knock the third act out of the park. Including why most third acts fail, how to structure a third act plants & payoffs, what producers and directors look for in a third act, and so much more.

PLUS you get sample scripts and a third-act checklist to make it easier to bring your script across the finish line!

Jason Mirch is a feature film, television, branded entertainment, and digital content producer and executive with over 15 years of experience. Most recently, he produced a 3D animated feature film starring Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Lloyd, Mel Brooks, Kenan Thompson, and Carol Kane. Mirch was the Head of feature and television development at Image Nation, a finance and production company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There, he supervised Image Nation's contributions in the development of FLIGHT, THE HELP, THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, CONTAGION, CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, GHOST RIDER 2, MIDNIGHT SUN, and 100 FOOT JOURNEY.​ Prior to his work at Image Nation, Mirch was Co-Head of Development at Zadan/Meron Productions (CHICAGO, FOOTLOOSE, THE BUCKET LIST) where he was actively involved in developing a slate of feature film projects for New Line, Paramount, Summit Ent., and CBS/Paramount. He also developed and sold television projects and mini-series to CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, and Lifetime. He has lectured on all areas of filmmaking, speaking on panels at the Producers Guild of America, the Harvard Screenwriting Group, the American Film Market, the University of Southern California Film School, as well as several international film festivals and markets. In addition, he has consulted brands, including Burberry and Creative Artists Agency, on the expansion of their operations into emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia.

Creating Your Director Calling Card

Starting: Tuesday, June 11th

Instructor: Oran Zegman

One of the most challenging phases for young filmmakers is answering the question - what sets me apart? In this webinar, Oran Zegman will share her very personal story and help you discover the unique spark that only you possess, which no one else can replicate. Which project will serve as the ultimate canvas for your creative soul? What's your blueprint, and how can you ensure that your next project will be your best calling card? The challenges young filmmakers often face revolve around defining their unique voices in a crowded industry. Many struggle with identifying what sets them apart and finding the projects that truly represent their creative essence. Without a clear understanding of their distinctiveness, they may fall into the trap of creating generic content that fails to capture attention. Understanding what sets them apart and how to leverage their unique strengths is key to creating impactful and memorable content. Learning to captivate and inspire their cast and crew is essential for bringing their vision to life and garnering support for their projects. Moreover, knowing how to navigate success and use momentum effectively can propel their careers forward and open doors to new opportunities.

Oran Zegman is a filmmaker and an alumna of the esteemed American Film Institute, whose work is inspired by her upbringing with a large Israeli-Greek-Polish family. She gravitates toward dark comedy; specifically finding the humor in dark, tragic, and awkward subject matters. Oran recently made her feature debut with the critically acclaimed HONOR SOCIETY for Paramount+ and Awesomeness Films, starring Angourie Rice and Gaten Matarazzo. The New York Times raved: “Honor Society comes out of the gate flashing a formal and thematic sophistication so dazzling it might take you a while to realize it’s actually a Young Adult movie." Oran is currently developing the feature-length adaptation of her short musical film, MARRIAGE MATERIAL for Chernin Entertainment and Fifth Season. The musical short, a first of its kind at AFI, was acquired by Fox Searchlight and was a Student Academy Awards finalist. On the TV side, Oran directed a block of episodes for the Paramount+ series SCHOOL SPIRITS starring Peyton List.

Your Guide to Proper Script Formatting

Starting: Tuesday, June 18th

Instructor: Heidi Lux

As a writer, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of screenplay formatting. A script with a clear mastery of formatting can make executives more comfortable with and confident in a writer. The best writers can play around with style to create stand-out material. Formatting is a tool, and this class will teach you how to fully use it to your advantage. Formatting can be used to pack an emotional punch, but most screenwriting classes brush past this essential part of the process. This workshop will slow it down and take the time to discuss the fundamentals. In this information-packed webinar, Heidi Lux will take you through the basics of screenplay formatting - and how to use formatting to show your voice as a writer. Heidi will walk you through writing descriptions, get more with less, and use formatting to set your script apart from the others - without changing a word of the story. This webinar is more than just margins and is designed for all levels of writers. You’ll walk away feeling comfortable with the “trickier” parts of formatting that even seasoned professionals struggle with. You’ll learn the key formatting rule that will allow you to break the rules, leaving you more confident as a writer.

PLUS you will receive exclusive handouts including:

  • Reference pages with standard formatting
  • Screenplay formatting checklist
  • Recommended reading list

Heidi Lux is a produced screenwriter, who has written for multiple streaming services and networks including Paramount, Nickelodeon, and Tubi. She studied at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She's been an industry reader for the better part of the last decade and loves helping readers improve all facets of their screenplays.

Actors: The 8 Steps to Booking More Work

Starting: Thursday, June 20th

Instructor: Kym Jackson

Being an actor is a particularly difficult career path to take. There are thousands of more actors than there are acting jobs. At any point, only about 2% of SAG-AFTRA actors are making a living solely as an actor. 88% of Actors Equity actors are unemployed as actors. It all sounds very bleak, but it doesn't have to. At least not for you. The truth is, there are real things you can do to book more work, and luckily your instructor on this webinar is here to do just that. Each day, thousands of film & TV roles are booked across the country. Which steps lead to each of those actors not only getting the auditions but booking the parts? A large percentage of them come from the actors creating the opportunities for themselves, and ensuring that once they have the shot, they take it in the best possible way. In this webinar, Kym will teach you to see and create the opportunities that exist for you as an actor. To ensure that at every crossroad, you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right materials, knowing the steps to take to give yourself the best chance of making the most out of each situation

PLUS get a free download of Kym's Magical, Life Changing, Get To-Do List.

Kym Jackson is an actress credited with over sixty feature films & TV series (THIS IS US, S.W.A.T., N.C.I.S., THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS). She just wrapped her first film as producer, OTHER YOU, a family sci-fi feature, in which she stars opposite Luke Ford and Arj Barker. A member of American MENSA, Kym is the author of the Amazon best-selling textbook, The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors, a comprehensive 300+ page guide to navigating the industry. She is the founder of the Secret Actor Society app and website, which boasts over 3000 classes and Q&As from 50+ industry experts and casting directors that reveal the strategies best used by actors to obtain success in their careers. Her mission is to share that knowledge with her peers and the next generation of talent. As a coach and regular speaker for organizations including SAG-AFTRA, MEAA, WIFT, and Spotlight, Kym has taught thousands of actors to navigate the business of acting. Her coaching sessions incorporate mindset work and techniques to help artists develop and maintain the mental fortitude required to successfully pursue a career acting professionally in the film & TV industry. Kym is also a SAG-AFTRA convention delegate, who in 2022 proposed and gained unanimous support from the delegation for her resolution to limit self-tape lengths - a key point in the 2023 SAG-AFTRA negotiations.

Introduction on How to Use ChatGPT as a Resource for Screenwriters

Starting: Thursday, June 27th

Instructor: Joshua Young

Understanding and effectively utilizing AIs like ChatGPT is becoming increasingly crucial in the competitive landscape of screenwriting and filmmaking. Many in the industry remain unaware of how AI can assist in the creative process without replacing the creative. From initial research and brainstorming to final drafts and pitches. By mastering tools such as ChatGPT, you can save time, refine your ideas, and maintain a creative edge. This webinar will not only introduce you to what AI and ChatGPT are but also guide you through practical applications tailored specifically for film and writing projects. Such as understanding AI and ChatGPT, effective promoting, applications in screenwriting, the practical uses beyond writing, and an introduction to other AI tools and how they can be used.

PLUS! Receive these exclusive handouts:

  • Sample Prompt Guide for ChatGPT: A comprehensive list of sample prompts that you can use to get the best out of ChatGPT for different stages of your screenplay writing process.
  • Sample Prompt Guide for Midjourney: Create photorealistic images for your pitch decks, cartoon-style images, storyboards, and more!

Joshua Younge is a screenwriter, director, and AI consultant. Raised by a psychic and a carpenter (that's actually true), Joshua's journey in the entertainment industry began humbly as a horse in a community Christmas play. As a late teen, he transitioned to more substantial roles, acting in Movies of the Week, sci-fi TV shows, and commercials. At twenty-one, he joined the cruise lines, first as an entertainment host and then as a filmmaker. For six years, he traveled the world, filming everything from celebrity interviews and safety videos to promotional materials, stock footage, and excursions. Throughout his travels, Joshua honed his skills as a writer and has won 32 awards in some of Hollywood's most prestigious screenwriting competitions to date. After retiring from his cruise ship career, he worked as a filmmaker, director, video editor, and animatic editor for networks and streaming services such as Netflix, PBS, OWN, TLC, and more. In his free time, he continued to write and direct his own projects, both large and small. Today, Joshua is dedicated to his career as a screenwriter and director full-time, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Showrunner and Head Writer for his own series. In addition to his creative roles, Joshua has expanded his expertise as an AI consultant in the film industry. He advises individual filmmakers, screenwriters, and independent businesses on utilizing AI to enhance their operations. His consulting focuses on improving staff support and reducing the time required for tasks such as research, outlines, pitch decks, story development, and more. Joshua utilizes a variety of AI tools to augment his and his clients' creative processes, including ChatGPT, Midjourney, Google Gemini, Character AI, Sora, and more. He has also created his own ChatGPT models, affectionately known as "GPTs," and trains others on how to build their own tailored models to meet their specific needs. Joshua believes in the power of AI to enhance, not replace, creative efforts.

Stage 32s June 2024 Education Schedule


4-Part Class: Introduction to Line Producing

Starting: Monday, June 3rd

Instructor: Shantelle Rochester

What do Line Producers do? What are their responsibilities? What do you need to know and ask when Line Producing abroad? Line Producing is one of those jobs that everyone needs but gaining the experience takes some time as you learn as you work and it's a big commitment for a producer to trust you with the film's budget but this course is here to teach you all the things you need to know that no one discusses: How to create accurate budgets? Does a line producer schedule and how is it done? How do you line produce abroad or work with an international line producer? How to support my producer and crew on set? What are the pitfalls I may encounter? How do I maintain being a consistent problem solver to the team? Shantelle will teach you the ins and outs of today's complex Line-Producing landscape, plus you can ask all the questions you may not want to ask your employer/Producer as Shantelle works as a producer and can also give you their general perspectives and how the 2 work hand in hand.

PLUS! Get an exclusive budgeting handout from Shantelle to use on your next project. In addition to each class session, Shantelle will be available by email during the 4 class sessions to answer any questions you have about your project.

Shantelle Rochester is CEO at Ida Rose, an entrepreneur with experience in business and finance planning for companies and individuals which she brought to Film & TV over 15 years ago. She has spoken at the Marche de Film at Cannes Film Festival, Durban Film Festival and supported the 1st 17 strong Black delegation of filmmakers by the BFI to Berlinale in 2020. She is constantly speaking on panels and teaches workshops globally for those wanting to understand the business of film from script to screen. With her knowledge of film finance and connections globally, she has now created the ‘The Creative Circle’ which supports creatives and companies with project analysis and 1-1 in-person and online access to professionals such as herself, heavily discounted so it can be accessed by low-income filmmakers. She had her first in-house Award-winning film TWO GRAVES bought by Netflix. She has worked on numerous other European films as a producer and line producer. In 2020 under COVID protocol she produced the BLACK BRITISH THEATRE AWARDS alongside Kwame Kwei-Armah for Sky Arts. She continues to work at her company Ida Rose on a diverse slate of films, series, documentaries, and digital projects with the first film of 2024 entitled Stolen which is an official South African and UK co-production part funded by the BFI UK Global Screen Fund which has been bought as the first installment of a franchise for BET+ and Netflix Original. She is the only candidate who has been awarded two funds via the UK Global Screen Fund Co-Production/International Business awards. She is a Breakthrough Leader alumni run by Freemantle and TV Collective as well as a current candidate on the prestigious Bafta Elevate programme until June 2024.

Starting: Monday, June 10th

Instructor: Vijal Patel

In this special 4-week class, Vijal Patel, the executive producer of Blackish, is going to bring you on the journey of learning to make scripts funnier. You will learn how tone and structure inform and influence the comedic decisions you will make in the writer's room. You will leave this class with a better understanding of how jokes work, how they can elevate a script, and how to utilize them from a practical standpoint. Sometimes it may feel that the funniest people in any given room possess a unique ability -- something that you are either born with or not. However, the truth is that everyone has their own unique voice and perspective. And there are ways to harness those gifts to previously unexpected comedic effect. If you’ve ever been scared that your jokes are landing with a distracting thud that will turn off a prospective buyer of your project, or that your script is filled with one-offs that never seem to lead anywhere, again turning off the reader, don’t let that stay the case. Comedy and joke writing exists somewhere in the under-explored fog between art and science, and practicing the art and learning the science will give you the confidence to infuse your scripts with someone’s new favorite joke.

PLUS! Receive the following handouts:

  • 1-short script scene for punch-up
  • Universal checklist of “5 easy tools/techniques” to write jokes

Vijal Patel is an Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning writer and executive producer who has written for many award-winning comedy series including ABC’s BLACK-ISH and THE MIDDLE. Vijal currently serves as writer and co-executive producer of the ABC comedy series SCHOOLED, starring Tim Meadows and AJ Michalka. He also writes and develops feature film projects for the powerhouse studio DreamWorks. Vijal has built his career on writing comedy and using it to explore race, family, religion, politics, and class struggle.

Stage 32s June 2024 Education Schedule


8-Part Budget Lab: Create A Professional Budget & Schedule For Your Feature Film

Starting: Saturday, June 1st

Instructor: Julie Buck

In this exclusive 8-part lab, you will begin with a formal script breakdown, which will flag potential big-ticket items. You will then use that vital information to inform your decisions to create a budget tailored to your script; from hiring cast and crew to getting the film distributed. You will learn how to budget for both above and below-the-line crews, based on current SAG/AFTRA and IATSE rules. You will also learn the art of Film Scheduling and all that goes into getting your project locked into a production calendar. There are many factors that you would never think of when scheduling a film that you only learn from experience or quality instruction, which is why we brought in such a stellar educator.

Julie Buck is a film producer, photographer, and filmmaker. As a film producer, her work has played at such festivals as Tribeca, South by Southwest, London Film Festival, and Sundance. As a line producer and production manager, she has budgeted and scheduled hundreds of independent films and has worked from the early stages of development to seeing films play and sell at major festivals. As a filmmaker and artist, her photography has been exhibited internationally and her experimental shorts have played at over 20 festivals including HotDocs, Hamptons, and Cinequest. She has an MFA in film from Columbia University and is a member of the Director's Guild of America.

Horror Writing Lab: Write A Killer Outline For Your Horror Feature

Starting: Saturday, June 1st

Instructor: Karina Wilson

The global appetite for horror movies is growing so fast it's almost scary. The streamers are gobbling them up and niche streamers are launching across the globe to take advantage of this trend. There is a huge need for fresh titles and ideas in this highly profitable genre. Your outline is imperative because it helps you structure your story and character arcs before you type Fade In. Do you know your hook? Do you know your beats? Are your acts properly synchronized for maximum effect? Having a top-flight outline is often what separates a professional writer from an amateur. Over eight weeks in an exclusive, interactive writing lab, you’ll work in a virtual class setting and get one-on-one time with Karina Wilson, one of the most sought-after horror story consultants in the industry. You won't just be hearing lectures from Karina. You'll be actively moving your script forward each session, and you'll meet with Karina one-on-one three times for individual mentoring. All this ensures that you walk away from this class with an outline that has been vetted by an industry professional.

You don't want to miss out on riding this global horror wave. There are only a limited number of spots available for Karina's lab, and once they're gone, they're gone for good.

For nearly a decade Karina Wilson was the in-house story consultant for IM Global which financed or produced over 30 Hollywood feature films and controlled a library of over 300 films including PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, SINISTER, and A HAUNTED HOUSE. As a story consultant, she has helped to shape narratives in every genre, from independent documentaries to Netflix animated series. While at IM Global she worked on many of their titles including SECRET IN THEIR EYES with Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts, 13 SINS, and THE CIRCLE with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. She specializes in genre movies and adaptations (particularly horror and romance) but works in all genres. Being British and living in LA she brings a wealth of international experience to her development projects and is currently developing a series of Thrillers for British TV. Karina is considered an expert in the Horror genre and has taught classes at UCLA and her analysis of horror trends through the decades has been featured in the WSJ, on NPR, in medical textbooks, and documentaries alongside luminaries such as Jason Blum, Joe Dante, and Andy Muschietti. She is also the lead screenplay judge for niche indie horror festival, Shriekfest, and has been picking winners for them since 2007.

Pitching Lab: Create Your Television Series Pitch Bible

Starting: Saturday, June 22nd

Instructor: Anna Henry

In this exclusive lab hosted by producer and former network creative executive Anna Henry, you’ll create your professional Pitch Bible for your television series that excites the reader with your unique voice while effectively conveying your series. You’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what networks are looking for, including your story engine, the world, the main characters, how detailed you should be, writing effective teasers, and crafting season arcs. Not only will Anna help you build your pitch bible from the ground up, but you’ll also cover how to consolidate your pitch bible down to two pages so that you’re ready to submit to executives through Stage 32. At the end of six weeks, you’ll have your TV series pitch bible in hand - vetted by a world-class executive - as well as a short pitch bible for submissions, a verbal pitch to help get you in the door, and sample handouts to continue learning from. You'll also have the tools to create Pitch Bibles for all of your shows in the future.

Limited space is available! Grab your spot before missing out on this fantastic opportunity to work with Anna to get your TV series ready to sell!

Plus! Anna will provide you with exclusive handouts to use for your current and future projects. Downloads include:

  • Sample pitch decks
  • Sample loglines
  • Sample episode summaries

Anna Henry is a Producer and Development Executive. Anna has set up projects at Sony, 20th Television, EOne, Starz, Amazon, Netflix, Corus, ITV America, and more. Anna began her career as a development executive at Nickelodeon, then crossed over to prime-time television working at CBS and ABC in drama development and programming before working in management and establishing herself as an Independent Producer. She was Head of Development at Andrea Simon Entertainment, a boutique literary management and production company representing writers and directors. She has more than 15 years of experience working with writers on developing their passion projects and building their careers with client credits including Netflix's SEVEN SECONDS; Starz VIDA; BET’s IN CONTEMPT; HBO's THE DEUCE, BIG LOVE, and VINYL; Showtime's THE CHI; NBC's THIS IS US; The CW's JANE THE VIRGIN; Direct TV's KINGDOM; AMC’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD; PBS' MERCY STREET; and more. Anna has projects currently in development around the world. She is currently developing procedurals, crime thrillers, dark comedies, YA and Millennial-focused projects, character-driven sci-fi, and recent period. She is a member of HRTS Associates and Greenlight Women.

Stage 32 Director's Pitch Lab: Mastering 4 Kinds of Director Pitches with Director and Writer Oran Zegman

Starting: Sunday, June 23rd

Instructor: Oran Zegman

This upcoming Director's Pitch Lab is a 6-class journey where we dive deep into the art of pitching like never before. For writers and directors, life is one big pitch. The problem? There's no one-size-fits-all formula. The key? Mastering the craft, making it uniquely yours, and honing your skills through practice, inspiration, and more practice. You will learn how to successfully navigate the key kinds of pitches for all directors and writer/directors. How to take a general meeting with success, mastering an open director assignment, pitching for rewrite gigs, and pitching agents, producers, actors, and buyers.

PLUS! Special guests, including an Emmy-winning Screenwriter and a Studio Executive Producer, will join for some classes. After each class, expect an assignment to prep for the next session.

You can find Oran’s bio under her webinar in the section above.

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