Posted by Richard "RB" Botto was launched in July 2011 as a social networking site for the film and theater communities. Our concept took flight on the plane ride back from Los Angeles after Richard “RB” Botto and I attended the American Film Market (AFM)

In the bar of the Loews Santa Monica Hotel (headquarters for the AFM), we witnessed so many projects being discussed and so many filmmakers with completed films begging to be heard. We thought it would be great to create a virtual meeting place so that people could discuss film and theater projects and connect year round, anywhere in the world. And after several months of hard work, programming and de-bugging, Stage 32 was born.

So far, the feedback from new members has been very encouraging. We get emails, tweets and posts every day thanking us for creating a platform that allows members to network and connect with like-minded people – all with the goal of creating something special.

As our community grows and members start making connections and collaborating on projects, others will take notice and join. We are that proverbial snowball going downhill.

One of the first signs of positive affirmation is media coverage. And yesterday – what we hope will be the first of many newspaper articles – the State Press, the official newspaper of Arizona State University, published the following story on Stage 32: Fade in at Stage 32

Stage 32 is a perfect networking tool for anyone with aspirations to act, direct, write, produce or be part of the creative process of developing projects. This is true for not only seasoned professionals, but film students as well. And the best time for them to start making connections is while they’re still in school. Most students were weaned on social networking sites, and Stage 32 uses tried-and-true social networking concepts.

“When it comes to the arts, learning and excelling at your craft is only half the battle,” Richard Botto explains. “Networking is just as important. Most students wait until they are out of school to make connections. Stage 32 allows students to network with experienced creatives while they are still in school. By the time they graduate, they’re way ahead of the game.”

Those attending film school now are our writers, directors, producers and actors of the future. And their participation and contributions to the community are welcome.

So we’re on our way. To borrow a line from one of our team members, “Stage 32 is a social network uniquely populated with the most creative people on Earth.”

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