The Power of Networking & Building Your Brand - Podcast

The Power of Networking & Building Your Brand - Podcast

The Power of Networking & Building Your Brand - Podcast

Our very own fearless leader, Richard "RB" Botto was a guest on the Small Business Society podcast, and holy h*ll, did he have a lot to talk about! This is 45-minutes jam-packed with motivational, actionable advice.

If you're not familiar with Bidsy it features today's most dynamic entrepreneurs talking about what makes their business successful. Guests include multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, international best-selling authors, world-renowned motivational speakers and coaches, and award-winning artists, all taking you on their up close and personal journey to success! Run by Rob Barisoff, his goal is to get his guests to entertain, excite, and inspire the entrepreneur on their own journey to entrepreneurial success.

A life as a creative is similar to an entrepreneur, so I'd recommend you listen and take notes, this is extremely educational!

In this inspirational 45 minute podcast RB goes over:

  • What is Stage 32 and how was it established? RB talks about LinkedIn, Lynda & Microsoft and how that relates to Stage 32.
  • How to utilize networking to help your career.
  • How to cultivate relationships to build credibility and how to build your brand online (great tips!)
  • How did RB get started in the industry?
  • What are the biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?
  • Why do you need another social network when you're already on Facebook and LinkedIn?
  • 33 Stage 32 members had films at Cannes - does that prove social proof of the network?
  • How do you gain initial traction and establish your brand on social media? (more great tips! Rob sums it up in 3 steps.)
  • Why you lose the word "social" in social media. You need to do 1 thing.
  • What is crowdsourcing?
  • Is it rewarding for RB to be the head of Stage 32?
  • Is it important to have a coach or mentor in this business?
  • How to approach influencers - digest and mold your opinions of them.
  • How to control being attached to your phone.
  • How to control your creative plan and adapt to your environment.

As a screenwriter, producer, actor, and filmmaker, RB understands the challenges that creatives will face in their careers, and Stage 32 acts as a resource and community that people can lean on when they are facing challenges of their own.

Sit, back, relax, download and pop in your ear buds... it's time to listen to the podcast:

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