Top 10 Lounge Posts - Community Vibes for Mental Health

Top 10 Lounge Posts - Community Vibes for Mental Health

Top 10 Lounge Posts - Community Vibes for Mental Health

Karen E Ross
Karen E Ross
a year ago

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! It seems an odd sentiment, doesn’t it? Perhaps it would be more fitting to say, “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay for Mental Health Awareness Month”. Our individual experiences with isolation may vary, but one thing remains the same - our mental health decays with prolonged isolation. Socializing, networking, casual chit chat, meaningful exchanges, it all starts with reaching out to your tribe. Where better to find your tribe than in a supportive community?

Don’t worry, Stage 32 is still a platform to discuss the craft and business of film, television, and digital media, but the creative path can be taxing. The energy we exert creating, collaborating, selling and promoting our work can be so taxing, if fact, that without recharging we are susceptible to fatigue of the most debilitating kind. So, what do you do to find your way back? How do you tap into your vitality again?

Today’s collection of Stage 32’s Top 10 Lounge Posts are great examples of conversations that can get you out of your head and back into the swing of things. If you feel like your post is getting a little personal, you can post in the Anything Goes Lounge. The Stage 32 community is super helpful when it comes to advice and insights, but we are also ultra supportive during times of stress. Don’t let isolation derail you! While you consider what you’re next post topic, check out a few of these gems:

Top 10 Lounge Posts  Community Vibes for Mental Health

1. Animated Pilot Script Senario

  • When you get to a stopping point in your process, why not reach out with questions that are giving you anxiety?

2. Crowdsourcing

  • When figuring out next steps, sometimes opening up about your mission can attract the attention to keep going

3. How Do YOU Practice Directing?

  • Generating ideas within the community is a great way to get out of your head and comfort zone

4. Reality TV Show

  • When you’re knee-deep in a project, sometimes you just need a little perspective before you can move forward with confidence

5. Producers & COVID - OSHA and the Vaccine - rising liability for producers

  • Inviting others into the conversation is a great way to relieve anxiety before it starts

6. New at Stage 32! Happy to share a little about my career and projects!

  • Jumping in and sharing those good vibes is contagious! Stoke that fire of enthusiasm!

7. Speculative Realism

  • Sometimes you have to dig deep before you can come up for air, and this one is as cerebral a conversation as it gets!

8. Pitching, Rejection, and Persevering

  • Taking a moment to contribute an inspiring story, even if you don’t need the uplift, could pay the positivity forward.

9. No Days Off

  • Mental Health isn’t always about relaxing; sometimes it’s about encouragement or a swift kick in the pants to get going again!

10. Humans are Natural Storytellers

  • Not only can you add images to your posts, but what a fantastic reflection on the innate creative ability in us all. What a great sign to remind us to go play!

Honorable Mention:

Share a Quote from a Person Inside the industry Who Has Inspired You

  • This is a fantastic example of a generic post that still generates positivity and community engagement

In case you’re hooked and want more good mojo, check out our previous Top 10 Posts, too!

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No matter where you are in your process, you are always welcome to start the conversation in the Stage32 Lounges! Not sure where to start? You can DM me or email me at For now, why not start with the links above? Click, read, comment, and start a post of your own! I look forward to seeing each of you in the lounges!

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