What's It Like To Write A Bomb?

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

The path to becoming a successful screenwriter is littered with landmines. There are the personal landmines: isolation, doubt, and procrastination. And the professional landmines: competition, rejection, and the subjective reaction to your work. But what if you made it to the other end of the path - found a manager (or agent), toiled in the minors, paid your dues, and, finally, got your big break - only to discover you weren't close to home free?

This is exactly the situation Sean Hood found himself in this weekend. After more than a decade of hanging around the edges of the Hollywood scene, Sean was hired on to co-write Conan The Barbarian. A slam dunk, right? A reboot of a classic story. The kind of film audiences have been flocking to in droves over the last couple of years. But not this one. This one is a flop of magnum proportions.

So what's it like to fly this close to the sun only to have the wax melt? Sean's brutally honest account of the experience can be found here:



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