Bob Harper

Bob Harper

A Fistful of Crayons

Screenwriter, director and producer in Torrance, California

About Bob

It all started out simple enough, working retail and food service. Then there was the adventurous period of the painful and difficult job of pro wrestler. That was followed by stand up comedy, which proved to be even more painful and difficult. Let's not forget the confused period of stage magic, but let's face it, nobody like magicians. Most recently there was the somewhat successful period of illustration and product design, followed by a decent career in animation.

All this is to let you know a few things about me. I will try anything once. I have a diverse background. And I have decided what I wanted to be when I grow up - RULER OF THE WORLD!

Name: Bob Harper

Lives in: Torrance, California

Company: A Fistful of Crayons

Occupation: Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Animator and Storyboard Artist

Unique traits: I can tell the difference between any way Coca-Cola is served, whether it is fountain, can plastic or glass bottle.


  • Prank Boy

    Prank Boy (2016)
    Television (Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy and 1 More) Animation department Add a Plot »

  • Achmed Saves America

    Achmed Saves America (2013)
    Television by Bento Box Entertainment Character Designer

  • Misfortunes of Being Ned

    Misfortunes of Being Ned (2012)
    Internet by Annoying Orange Productions Animation Director

  • The Ricky Gervais Show

    The Ricky Gervais Show (2011)
    Television by Karl Pilkington (Animation and Comedy) Animation department Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant talk to Karl Pilkington about important things in life whilst Karl provides anything but intelligent answers. Comedy at its finest with wonderful animation.

  • SuperNews!

    SuperNews! (2008)
    Television by Current TV Animator

  • The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

    The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! (2008)
    TV Movie by Craig McCracken (Animation) Animation department The Powerpuff Girls face their greatest challenge in this 10th anniversary special episode. There exists a Key to the World, which is handed from city to city on an annual basis. Whoever possesses the key rules over the entire world. When the key is delivered to Townsville, every villain in Townsville attempts to retrieve it. When the girls procure it for themselves, they quickly get sucked into a power struggle, fighting the villains and themselves over who gets to rule the world. Written by Nathan Redmond

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004)
    Television by Cartoon Network Animator

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