Understanding VOD Distribution, How To Deliver Your Film & Best Window Release Strategy

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This Bundle Includes:

  1. Webinar: Understanding Indie VOD Distribution & How To Deliver Your Film ($49 Value)
  2. Webinar: Release Windows & Strategy: VOD, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast ($49 Value)

Get 2 webinars in this bundle and take $25 off! 

Webinar 1: Understanding Indie VOD Distribution & How To Deliver Your Film

  • Understanding the VOD Space
    • Delving into the straight to VOD market 

    • Touch upon day and date theatrical 

    • What is delivery? 

  • The different rental and VOD platforms
    • From Amazon to iTunes 

    • Netflix to Hulu 

  • Back to the Beginning
    • What are distribution companies looking for
    • Building distribution into your budget 

  • Delivery 

    • Overview of what to expect for delivering your film to your distributor
  • Why your editor/post person is important
  • Encoding your film and delivery to Amazon, iTunes, and other VOD platforms
    • Encoding labs, specs, captions and beyond
    • Understanding the costs involved in encoding and technical deliverables 

  • Art, art, and more art; the importance of your poster 

    • What to keep in mind for artwork
  • Metadata
    • The importance of your synopsis 

    • Providing different synopsis options; from short to long 

  • Legal deliverables 

    • Copyright report, title report, E&O and other fun stuff
  • Getting your movie ready for release
    • Social media hype 

    • Overview of marketing and PR 

  • Blast off!
    • Your film has launched! Now what? 

    • Things to keep in mind upon and after release 


Webinar 2: Release Windows & Strategy: VOD, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast

Windowing The Release of Your Film: VOD, SVOD & AVOD Strategy Intelligence

In this primary section we will discuss what a “Window” means in the world of distribution, and why you should care as a customer and as a potential content creator.

Explain the differences between VOD/TVOD, SVOD and AVOD

  • Transactional Video-On-Demand (across cable/sat/telco & OTT platforms)
  • Discuss how & why different platforms charge different prices for the exact same content.
  • Discuss why different platforms have different lengths for their availability windows.
  • Slide of different primary VOD platforms in each category (cable/sat/telco & OTT).

Subscription Video-On-Demand (examples of primary SVOD platforms & new upstarts)

  • Discuss the differences in pricing by the primary SVOD platforms.
  • Discuss the differences in content options on the various SVOD platforms.
  • Slide of different primary SVOD platforms.

Advertising Supported Video-On-Demand (examples & how this is different from television)

  • Discuss the wide variety of Advertising approaches (front loaded, interspersed, directed).
  • Discuss Hulu & Amazon’s new AVOD platform.
  • Discuss why Apple does not have an SVOD platform (yet).

Briefly discuss variances of the way each title is presented within each window.

Explain the evolution of Windowing Strategies

  • History & Evolution of Windowing Slide: Theatrical only. Then Theatrical / Television. Then Theatrical / Television / Video. Then Theatrical / Video / Television / Subscription.
  • Discuss current blending of models and why it is important to understand the value of each.
  • Discuss shrinking windows; Ultra/DDT
  • Will “Premium VOD” ever become a reality? Meaning blockbuster movies like “Suicide Squad” or “Batman Vs. Superman” available on-demand at home the same day they are available in theaters. Cite some high profile Netflix DDT releases and the associated backlash.

Illustrate why & when it makes sense to break with the traditional windowing strategies.

  • The new role of the “exclusive” window for places like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime, etc.
  • Is it possible to dictate your own Windowing strategy? Discuss differences between DIY distribution and aggregators/distributors.

Revenue Expectations – The Basics

  • Provide recent examples of films that have found success in the On Demand marketplace, and discuss what “Success” means in the world of VOD/SVOD/AVOD.
  • Slide illustration of the scale of monthly new releases in just the TVOD films marketplace and the ripple effect of SVOD & AVOD licensing because of the volume of new releases.
  • Provide realistic explanations for the actual flow of revenues in terms of timelines for receiving returns.
  • Discuss revenue splits; what you should expect and the variety of them.

Deal Strategy Basics

  • Mind Your Split – what you should expect
  • Term of Contract – what is realistic
  • International Distribution Options – understand them
  • Windows – what you can request and expect

Bundle Includes:


Understanding Indie VOD Distribution & How To Deliver Your Film

With Zahida Kazar, Operations Coordinator at Gravitas Ventures


Release Windows & Strategy: VOD, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast

With Chad Miller, Founder and Manager at Cinema Machine Management

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