How to Write a TV Pilot That Can Get You Staffed!

Taught by Amanda Toye


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Class hosted by: Amanda Toye

TV and Film Writer & Former Development Executive

As a former Development Executive, Amanda Toye collaborated with celebrated writers to develop numerous projects across film, television, and digital. She has worked for several production companies including, David Friendly Productions (Little Miss Sunshine), Imprint Entertainment (Twilight Series), Sander/Moses Productions (Ghost Whisperer, Reckless), and Little Engine International (Missing, Rush.) As a writer, Amanda is the creator of the award winning web series Technium (Forge Apollo Cynopsis Award/ Winner, Best New Series, Academy of Web TV Awards/ Winner, Best Writing), she has a script deal with Discovery Networks, and her feature film, Mad River Valley (Good Deed Ent.), films in 2017. Amanda was born on a farm in Vermont and has lived and worked in the U.S., Asia, and Central America, traveling to over 50 countries throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America, and South America, researching international media, storytelling, and local folklore. Full Bio »


Part 1 - Overview of the Staffing Process

Amanda discusses the strategy and steps of the staffing process from the studio, network and production company perspective. You will gain incite into what producers are looking for from a staffing sample and how to improve your chances of standing out in crowd.

Part 2 - Tips for Writing an Original Pilot

A discussion on the creation of a strong, unique and memorable original pilot; Choosing the right concept to display your original voice, crafting characters who can last for seasons and improving dialogue skills.

Part 3 - Pilot Format, Structure and Plotting

Amanda details structure and formatting techniques, for drama and comedy, as well as the importance of a strong, steady plot and why you need to keep the reader engaged with big plot moments every few pages in a staffing sample.

Part 4 - Spec Scripts & Next Career Steps

Amanda answers why it’s important to have a spec script to send as a follow up to your original pilot, and how to write a spec script through copying an existing show’s voices and format. She also covers reaching out to agents, managers, and studio training initiatives with your writing samples.


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What You'll Learn

"This class was amazing! Was invaluable insight and instruction!" - Becca Boyd


It's every writer's dream to become a working writer, and in today's TV-driven marketplace it's all about having the right sample to show a manager, agent and/or show runner. That one sample can lead you to a full time writing job on new and popular TV shows. So many agents and managers that we know are thirsty for well written TV pilots because they know a good sample can get that writer work. A lot of our biggest success stories are from writers with a well written, unique TV pilot.

Stage 32 is excited to bring you the previously-recorded 4 part class taught by Amanda Toye, a former development executive who has worked on over 100 projects turned professional writer with a script deal at Discovery Networks and a feature script filming through Good Deed Entertainment November 2017!

Learn the insider tips and tricks to help you write a truly great TV pilot that gets you staffed!

About Your Instructor

As a former Development Executive, Amanda Toye collaborated with celebrated writers to develop numerous projects across film, television, and digital. She has worked for several production companies including, David Friendly Productions (Little Miss Sunshine), Imprint Entertainment (Twilight Series), Sander/Moses Productions (Ghost Whisperer, Reckless), and Little Engine International (Missing, Rush.) As a writer, Amanda is the creator of the award winning web series Technium (Forge Apollo Cynopsis Award/ Winner, Best New Series, Academy of Web TV Awards/ Winner, Best Writing), she has a script deal with Discovery Networks, and her feature film, Mad River Valley (Good Deed Ent.), films in 2017. Amanda was born on a farm in Vermont and has lived and worked in the U.S., Asia, and Central America, traveling to over 50 countries throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America, and South America, researching international media, storytelling, and local folklore.


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"This class was amazing! Was invaluable insight and instruction!" - Becca Boyd


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Reviews Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

  • This class was amazing. I wish I had been able to take it live, and I think I'd like to take it again if she offers it again, live. Was invaluable insight and instruction.

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Pitch Like a Pro: Tools for Any Scenario

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How to Master Story Structure for Your Feature Screenplay - With Case Studies of PARASITE, GREEN BOOK and MYSTIC RIVER

Includes case studies and free script downloads of: PARASITE GREEN BOOK MYSTIC RIVER   Writing a great feature screenplay is a gargantuan effort, and putting together something like this doesn’t just happen willy nilly. No matter how good of an idea you have, how fantastic your characters are, or how mind boggling your plot twist is at the end, none of it matters without a solid story structure. Structure is often the hardest aspect of writing for screenwriters of all levels and requires a large amount of discipline and a deep understanding of the craft. But no other elements of your script come together unless they can rest on this crucial foundation. Whether you’re working on your very first screenplay or already have many produced and under your belt, spending time better understanding and improving how you structure your film scripts is worth its weight in gold. Ask any producer, manager, coverage reader, or gatekeeper of any kind—out of the thousands of scripts they read and the countless issues and problems they come across, no issue is more prevalent in a writer’s screenplay submission than their failure to effectively structure and plot out their story. It makes sense; implementing a tight story structure is HARD, a delicate and complex balancing process that is hard for ANYONE to nail. Yet it’s for this reason that mastering story structure is even more important—if you can present a screenplay with a rock-solid story structure, you’re instantly able to stand out and get your script noticed and considered. Sarah Cornelius serves as Creative and Production Executive at award-winning Whitewater Films, helmed by director-producer Rick Rosenthal (HALLOWEEN II, BAD BOYS, TRANSPARENT). This approach has resulted in Whitewater producing numerous notable films which have won Independent Spirit Awards, the Sundance Directing Award, a Primetime Emmy, as well as collecting nominations for an Oscar and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize. Whitewater has produced projects for Paramount Classics, Netflix, Showtime, IFC, Samual Goodwyn Films, The Orchard, CNN Films and more. Whitewater Films recently completed their feature STANDING UP, FALLING DOWN starring Billy Crystal & Ben Schwartz with first-time director Matt Ratner. Their film, THE LAST SHIFT premiered at Sundance 2020 with two time Oscar-nominee Richard Jenkins. In addition they produced FIRST GIRL I LOVED (Sundance winner), HALFWAY THERE (Sundance Episodic Showcase winner) and SMALL ENGINE REPAIR (SXSW premiere). Whitewater is releasing two features in 2021. The critically acclaimed festival favorite THE BOY BEHIND THE DOOR will release on AMC-owned horror streamer SHUDDER on July 29th. The second feature, SMALL ENGINE REPAIR starring Jon Bernthal and Shea Whigham has been acquired by Vertical Entertainment, release details TBA.  Sarah has been involved with development on each of Whitewater's projects and has the ability to communicate conceptual notes in a direct and effective manner. Sarah will use her extensive experience evaluating scripts and discovering stories to delve into how you can master story structure for your own feature film screenplay will use notable past screenplays as examples as she breaks down, act by act, the elements necessary to turn your script into something special. She’ll begin by discussing three-act structure in general and explain why it’s necessary as your begin developing your script. She’ll also teach you some of the biggest elements needed for effective story development, including world building, effective characters, stakes, theme, and tone. Next, Sarah will zoom in on act one and explain how to master introductions and the inciting incident as well as spotlighting your central question. She’ll also reveal the most common pitfalls she sees in act one. Sarah will do the same for acts two and three, spending time to go over complications and escalations, transitions, subplots and turning points, effective revelations, climaxes and resolutions. Throughout, Sarah will be drawing from examples of notable past screenplays and you will receive free downloads of each script that exhibits effective story structure after the webinar: PARASITE GREEN BOOK MYSTIC RIVER     Praise for Sarah's Stage 32 Webinar   "Just a ton of information from someone that is clearly on the 'inside' of the industry." -Kerry B.   "Sarah was spot on about structure, It aligns with everything else i have learned, seen, experienced.: -David G.   "She was informative and great." -Lauren F.   Like what you heard from Sarah during this webcast? Send your script to Sarah and speak with her for a full hour by clicking here.

Stage 32 Screenwriting Lab: Develop Your Faith-Based Film's Outline and Pitch

Develop and hone your faith-based film project with the expert guidance of producer and executive Brad Wilson, who has already discovered writers through Stage 32! **Only 10 Spots Available**   Faith based and faith friendly films have been a steady, popular, and profitable industry and one of the hottest genres for success. It could be considered a niche audience, but it’s a powerful and dependable niche audience that has helped catapult films and filmmakers to success. Recent films like I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, GOD’S NOT DEAD, and THE SHACK have found popularity and impressive box office numbers by tapping into this audience and bringing out church-goers and other faith-friendly communities that might not be as eager to watch films outside of this genre. And it makes sense that faith-based films are doing well. In challenging or negative times, people will more actively seek out positivity and inspiration, two ingredients almost guaranteed to be featured in a faith-based film. Considering how challenging and negative our current world can be, there might not be a better time to break into the world of faith-based films and write a script that can shine in this market. The opportunity is certainly prevalent for new faith-based films to be sold and produced, but it will still be difficult to get your own project off the ground if you don’t understand how exactly your project can fit in. That’s why it’s critical you have a clear understanding of your project, your story, your world and your characters. It’s also why it’s important to understand what the industry looks like today and what buyers are specifically searching for. Beyond a great story and a great script, knowing how to communicate your project, pitch it to the right people and actually get it sold can make all the difference. If you can ace all of these elements, you may have just found your way in and the piece of material that will fire you off the launch pad. Let us give you the guidance to improve your faith-based film project and get it market-ready Brad Wilson is the Co-founder of Higher Purpose Entertainment (HPE), a production company dedicated to telling stories in film and TV that encompass truth of character and strive to embrace inspirationally redeeming qualities. While at HPE he's produced a number of films including THREE BLIND SAINTS, CHRISTMAS ON SALVATION STREET, MY MANY SONS, THE MEANEST MAN IN TEXAS, and THE RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE, which was recently released in 1,100 theaters across the country. Brad is well-versed in the business of faith-based films and has a keen sense of how projects thrive in this genre. Brad is also a staple and favorite of Stage 32 who has brought on and helped produce Stage 32 members’ films. Brad is currently working with Stage 32 writer, Lynne Logan, on their upcoming feature, UNDONE. The film tells the life story of televangelist Sherry Damron, and is set to star Cory Oliver (GOD'S NOT DEAD). Lynne was hired to pen the script after being discovered and having her own script optioned by Brad after a Stage 32 Coverage. Over the course of five weeks, you will work closely with Brad in a virtual class setting to develop your own faith-based or faith-friendly feature film, understand the market today, and build your film’s outline, logline, character breakdowns, and pitch in order to work towards a market-ready and standout project. If you already have a concept, or even a completed script, Brad will use the same tools to help you hone your material.   Throughout the course of this exclusive online lab, you will have direct access to Brad as a mentor by email and via video conferencing as you develop your family film project.   WHAT TO EXPECT This lab is designed for writers and creators of all levels looking to write and put together their faith-based film. This is an in-depth, practical, and detailed lab with significantly more content than a standard 90-minute webinar. By the end of this 5-week writing lab, you will have an outline and practiced pitch for your more market-ready and developed faith-based film Sessions will vary between 2-hour group settings and personal one-on-one Zoom meetings with Brad. You will be held accountable to take the lessons from each week and move your work forward. Plus, to keep you motivated and inspired, you will have access to a private, dedicated Stage 32 Lounge where you can communicate with your fellow classmates throughout the development process. To see the full writing lab schedule, see below under "What You Will Learn".   PLEASE NOTE: This exclusive Stage 32 lab is limited to 10 writers and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. The opportunity to work this closely and for this long with a working executive and an expert in the field is an incredibly unique and valuable opportunity. If you are interested, please do book quickly. Once the spots are gone, they’re gone for good. Payment plans are available - please contact Harrison at for more information     Praise for Brad's Previous Stage 32 Webinar   "Brad was amazing. He laid out so clearly the genre and how to write for it in a practical way. He was an awesome instructor who combined practical info, inspiration, and was so "real." Loved it." -Ricki L.   "This was the best webinar I've had so far at Stage 32. Brad's very seasoned and gave wonderful tips that will help me make my faith-friendly script" more marketable." -Gayle R.   "A very honest, forthright presentation from a guy whose been there and done that, and knows the pitfalls and promises of the biz." -Dennis H.  

Writing Loglines

Every great pitch starts with a great logline and every script you write has a perfect logline, it's your job to discover it. This month we challenged you to write, rewrite or polish your logline(s) and send them our way!

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