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Relationships matter. The entire entertainment industry runs on them. You’ll need allies and champions to succeed. Stage 32 offers a welcoming, positive, and collaborative community of like-minded creatives and professionals designed to help you find your tribe.

“Stage 32 is the best online community of film and television artists I have encountered...”

Alysia Reiner
Alysia Reiner

Actress, Orange is the New Black

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No industry changes more rapidly than entertainment. With the largest library of online entertainment industry education in the world, Stage 32 provides award-winning webinars, classes and intensive labs taught by leaders in their respective fields. Get timely and actionable information designed to help you achieve greatness and navigate the business.

“I chose to teach at Stage 32 over Masterclass because I believe in their mission.”

Chris Moore
Chris Moore

Oscar winning producer
(Manchester by the Sea, Good Will Hunting)

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By providing you direct access to executives all over the world, Stage 32 acts as a marketplace allowing content creators to get beyond the gatekeepers to decision makers. And we provide full transparency. From script coverage to mentoring to consultations and more, you choose the executive you’d like to work with.

“Stage 32 goes so much further than any site I know in terms of connecting artists and projects...”

Brad Carpenter
Brad Carpenter

Emmy-winning Producer
(Fosse/Verdon, Boardwalk Empire)

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