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Henrique Bouduard MovieMan at CULTZONE Filmes
Director, Acting Teacher, Animator, Art Director, Assistant Director, Audio Post-Production, Director of Photography, Dramaturge, Editor, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Producer, Screenwriter, Sound Mixer and Voice Actor

Honolulu, Hawaii

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About CultZone

The Company
CULTZONE Filmes produces high quality audiovisual and respectability, such as documentaries, branding campaigns videos and fictions. We advise clients in various areas of the film market such as production, casting and screenplay. We're Hollywood, Pinewood & Bollywood now! CULTZONE Filmes produz audiovisual de alta qualidade e respeitabilidade, como documentários, campanhas de branding videos e ficções. Assessoramos clientes em diversas áreas do mercado cinematográfico como produção, casting e roteiro.

About the Director
[Artistic vision] Bouduard is an Best Director Nominated treading by Hollywood, Pinewood & Bollywood cinema, editor, writer, scriptwriter, storyteller and journalist and now LawOfficer too. He has been reading comics since the 1990s, where he formed a vast vision of the comic book universe. In 2003 he founded Portal CULTZONE, writing news, commenting on the news of the comics in Brazil and WorldWideWeb.

The CULTZONE Channel is this main production now, with many stars like Anitta, Kojima and new growth youth casts from streaming bands. He also produces the Hollywood Animated Series "LoneRider (Motoqueiro Solitário)" with great critical success travelling around the world in too many countries, with festivals of cartoons in between London, California, Greece, India, Canada, Rome. Now, series will have new season wich being started.

The Fan movie Brazilian Wolverine has also a good audience, since 2009, opening great portals of web, news cover and TV shows. In 21, we directed a feature movie, an doc about Rainflorest, Voice of Land with many singers stars, with a beautiful casting. And in the gameplays, he creates the The CULTZONE Pureland, an RPG Board Game Digital, with premiere in the BGS Latin America Game Fair.

[more about]
Already acted in more than 8 plays and in 2007 was assistant director of the play 'Race to Chaos" by Paulo Jordão in ArtsSpace. Through Cultural Workshop Oswald Andrade, he has done several plays and even directed two films of Halaor Fiction and May Evil be With You, and photographed the documentaries Eating by the Edges and In Search of the Lost Pleasure with coordination of Sylvio Rocha. He is writing a new fictional story of Getúlio Vargas, Glauber Rocha and Oswald Andrade, the result of a workshop at Cultural Workshop and is directing the documentary "Fatec's Strike".

He developed the board game "Designer Life", with RPG style based on the professional everyday life of a designer. He also created the card game "Morená", based on research on ethnic groups of the Upper Xingú. He also directed the Talk Show "Underwear Tight" on Alltv, weekly at 22:00. He was also a judge of the International Short Film Festival in the Category Shows Kinooikos Training Look, selecting and awarding the best productions entered. He created the game Iron Arms, recreating the classic platform games, such as Double Dragon and Megaman, with AS3 technology.

He has edited more than 20 books by Amazon Kindle and much of his time is focused on the world of entertainment, culture, comics, cinema and games, where he researches, creates cultural products and displays his works.

Il lit des bandes dessinées depuis les années 90, où il a formé une vaste vision de l'univers QG. En 2003, il a fondé le portail CULTZONE en écrivant des nouvelles et en commentant les nouveautés des HQ au Brésil. Il a déjà joué dans plus de 8 pièces de théâtre et en 2007 il a été assistant de direction du spectacle "COURSE AU CHAOS" de Paul Jourdain dans l'espace des arts.Pour Oswald d'Andrade, il a fait plusieurs ateliers et a même réalisé deux films de fiction "Halaor" et "Que le mal soit avec vous", et a photographié les documentaires "Manger par les bords" et "Recherche de la jouissance perdue" sous la coordination de Sylvio Rocha. Il raconte une nouvelle histoire fictive de Getúlio Vargas, Glauber Rocha et Oswald d'Andrade, fruit d'un atelier à Oswald de Andrade et dirige le documentaire "Grève des FATECS". Il a développé le jeu de société "Life Designer" avec un style RPG basé sur le quotidien professionnel d'un designer. Il a également créé le jeu de cartes "Morená", basé sur des recherches sur les groupes ethniques du Haut Xingú. Il a également produit l'animation "Motard solitaire" avec un grand succès critique. Il a aussi dirigé Talk Show "Sous-vêtements serrés" par Alltv, chaque semaine à 22 h. Il a également été juré du Festival International de Courtes dans la catégorie Kinooikos Kinooikos Formation du Regard, sélectionnant et récompensant les meilleures productions inscrites. Roger Tasunka, protagoniste de l'Animation Motard Solitaire a créé le jeu Bras de Fer, recréant les classiques jeux de plate-forme comme Double Dragon et Megaman, avec la technologie AS3.Il a également créé le RTS / Simulateur La Armée du train, basé sur la recherche historique de l'Empire napoléonien, adapté avec la technologie Unity 3 et C#. Il a édité plus de 20 livres par Amazon Kindle et une grande partie de son temps est consacré au monde du divertissement, la culture, bande dessinée, cinéma et jeux, où il fait des recherches, crée des produits culturels et affiche ses œuvres.


  • Lone Rider Animation

    Lone Rider Animation Budget: $0 - $100K | Animation Fantasy "Decided to conquer your place, he does everything to get your greatbike..."



    ULTRA=CULTZONE (2020 - 2022)

  • DOC Rain Florest (working title))

    DOC Rain Florest (working title)) (2021)
    Documentary by CULTZONE Filmes / BOUDUARD, Henrique (Documentary, History and Musical) Director is a subjective film about the intemperances of nature and about the transformations that the planet has suffered over decades of human production with its fruits that today we all reap, counting a little on the hope of better days and overcoming global differences for the evolution of our ecosystem. Watch CULTZONE Channel Session Pindorama to know more: Must Read: Ensaio Pindorâmico Deluxe Edition Portuguese Lang.

  • Wolverine Strikes Before on CULTZONE

    Wolverine Strikes Before on CULTZONE (2009 - 2021)
    Television by CULTZONE CHANNEL (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary and 4 More) Director "I am the best in the than I make" Marcos Greick. Glimpsed CULTZONE Marcos Greicke Indian Wolverine. Released before the film X-Men Origins, in 2009.​ Watch CULTZONE CHANNEL NOW! Casting: Bully I: Jefferson Nascimento Bully II: Diego Uchiha Boss: Paulo Bárbaro Production: Eliana Maurelli Storyboard: Henrique Bouduard Interview: Eliana Maurelli Direction: Henrique Bouduard Gratitude to all that supported our production and popularization. No person died during the recordings. Honor to the friends of Wolverine that were hit during the filmings. To speak with Wolverine: CULTZONE FILMES

  • GT-BR

    GT-BR (2020)
    Video Game by CULTZONE Games / BOUDUARD, Henrique (Action and Sport) Director Aspectos da Indústria Automobilistica Tupiniquim

  • CULTZONE Sports JulesRimet

    CULTZONE Sports JulesRimet (2020)
    Video Game by CULTZONE Games (Sport and Biography) Director Bata um bolão com a CULTZONE GAMES, fazendo suas jogadas agora no celular!



  • CULTZONE Filmes: Stories of a decade of cinematographic production by an independent filmmaker in Brazil

    CULTZONE Filmes: Stories of a decade of cinematographic production by an independent filmmaker in Brazil (2020)
    Print by CULTZONE Zai Editorial (Documentary, Fantasy, Biography and Reality-TV) Author We have been in the market since 2007, through visionary director Henrique Bouduard, who challenged the laws of gravity by launching an audiovisual producer with creative focus. In 2009 Studios CULTZONE Filmes were created, which brought a lot of joy to the public and launched us to the world public. In the year 2020 we migrated the cultural producer going straight to the American market to increase the visibility of our productions. In 2021 we announced with great enthusiasm that we are being selected for festivals in the Northern Hemisphere, where no film of ours had ever arrived before... now in early 2021, we had the Hollywood Premiere in Los Angeles California with the animation Lone Rider, that presented our works to the film public and the Academy and at Pinewood Studios, where our CULTZONE CHANNEL production, Brazilian Wolverine became available to European audiences.

  • The CULTZONE Pureland RPG

    The CULTZONE Pureland RPG (2017 - 2018)
    Video Game by CULTZONE Games (Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Director Num tempo onde o mundo entrou em devaneio, mergulhado em suas próprias sombras, não há mais esperança... surge então um novo herói que poderá colocar equilíbrio no caos, liberando-se da matéria e rompendo os véus de maya, que só é destinado aos grandes seres iluminados. Descubra quem você é nesta jornada... torne-se aquilo que mais deseja em CULTZONE PURELAND! IBSN:978-65-991231-0-8 

  • Pindoramic Story

    Pindoramic Story (2018)
    Print by EACH-USP / BOUDUARD, Henrique (History) Author To analyze the discourses produced by the diverse scientific fields that produce knowledge about the historical-social past of our country and through them to clarify the sociological, economic and political statements, from 3,500 B.C. to 1500 A.C. finding new paths to social identity.


    CULTZONE MAGAZINE 338 (2018)
    Print by CULTZONE Portal (Comedy and Fantasy) Editor Guys, we are releasing our digital version now for Tablet, Pc and Mobile. In this edition we have the SPECIAL AQUAMAN, many Comics, Games, Manga and News for you to have fun

  • Gratuitous Violence: The relationship between aggression in immersive systems and digital gameplay

    Gratuitous Violence: The relationship between aggression in immersive systems and digital gameplay (2016)
    Video Game by UAM - Brazil (Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror and 2 More) Author Academic Papers SBGames -16 Violência Gratuita: As relações entre a agressão nos sistemas imersivos e o gameplay digital

  • Endurance Champion

    Endurance Champion (2012)
    Video Game by CULTZONE Games (Adventure and Comedy) Director Numa cidade pacata do interior, o Shreriff Cactus Champion, terá de enfrentar forças das trevas que dominaram a região vindo do espaço sideral. Lute contra seres do sombrios e Espantalhos Malucos! Após vencer a corrida contra o FazendeiroLouco, você chegará ao seu esconderijo secreto. Pegue o powerUp para ganhar mais velocidade e desça a porrada geral!!!! Cuidado para não bater muito no oponente

  • IronArms

    IronArms (2011)
    Video Game by UAM - Brazil / BOUDUARD, Henrique (Action and Sci-Fi) Director Estamos em 2035, após 3ª e 4ª Guerra Mundiais. Milhões de pessoas perderam suas vidas e outros milhões estão desabrigadas. As zonas de exclusão radioativa estão espalhadas ao redor do globo pelas áreas de combate. A reconstrução da ordem é muito lenta, fazendo o povo passar por fome e miséria. O mundo está sob ameaça de novas guerras e luta para se reconstruir das anteriores. Num cenário aterrador como este, surgem Estados totalitários com mão forte, obrigando pessoas a seguirem suas regras estritamente rígidas. Com poder e tecnologia, o governo central encomenda uma máquina de processamento ultramoderna que manterá todos os dados dos cidadãos, fazendo com que todos sejam controlados por seus registros. Alguns cidadãos não concordam com esta manipulação e começam se reunir formando o grupo do rebeldes que lutarão para derrubar o governo central. 2D Artist W. Pilan Sound Design C. Gomes 3D Scenarios F. Balciunas Producer A. Provenza Direction H. Bouduard Thanks for Playing CULTZONE GAMES

  • Lone Rider

    Lone Rider (2010)
    Film by UAM - Brazil / BOUDUARD, Henrique (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance and 2 More) Director Roger Tasunka is a poor Indian youth that faces several challenges to enter in a gang of bikers. Impetuous and resolved, he leaves in his/her day to conquer his/her place, doing of everything to get his/her motorcycle and to conquer the most beautiful woman of the gang, Jacky.

  • The Voice of Field

    The Voice of Field (2010)
    Documentary by Daniella Almeida / CULTZONE Filmes (Documentary) Producer Long Documentary Metragem 60 min, depicts the rural unionism of Pernambuco. Its main character is Euclides Nascimento, a great defender of the rural peoples since the 1960s.

  • Light in the Dark

    Light in the Dark (2009 - 2010)
    Film by Helena Ignez & Ícaro Martins (Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Biography and 1 More) Priest Trajetória de Jorge Bronze, conhecido pelo codinome Tudo-ou-Nada (André Guerreiro) filho do famoso Bandido de Luz Vermelha (Ney Matogrosso), que assaltava casas de ricos paulistanos e foi transformado em ícone pelo jornal Notícias Populares.

  • Tighted Underpants

    Tighted Underpants (2010)
    Television by CULTZONE Filmes / BOUDUARD, Henrique (News, Talk-Show and Reality-TV) Director "Cueca Apertada" é um programa formato talk show para TV, com muito humor. Com apresentação de José R. Carollo, pontos de vista de Alfredo Rizkallah e deboches de Dr John, o cético, "Cueca Apertada" discutirá tudo que acontece de mais relevante no Brasil e no mundo. Nosso target de audiência permeia de 25 a 50 anos, classe média, interessados em discussões de temas palpitantes no cenário econômico, político e social, acrescentando um ponto de vista diferente às mídias consagradas ( TV, impressos e internet). O programa será exibido todos as quarta-feiras na premiada AllTV, a maior webtv do Brasil. A equipe contará com um leque diferenciado de profissionais liberais com experiências no mundo empresarial.

  • As Fabulosas Histórias de Chico Carneiro

    As Fabulosas Histórias de Chico Carneiro (2007)
    Film by UAM - Brazil / Daniel Wu (Adventure, Fantasy, Animation and Western) Honorato Winner in 1° Place of the Innovation Award in November 2007 of the Faculty Anhembi Morumbi in the category Communications Arts, Chico Carneiro is success in every way. Vencedor em 1° Lugar do Prêmio de Inovações em novembro de 2007 da Faculdade Anhembi Morumbi na categoria Comunicações Artes, Chico Carneiro é sucesso em todos os sentidos.

  • May the Evil Stay with you...

    May the Evil Stay with you... (2007)
    Film (short) by Oswald Andrade Cultural Workshop (Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and Sci-Fi) Director BEATRIZ ACORDA EM QUARTO ESCURO E DESCONHECIDO. ELA SE LEVANTA E COMEÇA A EXPLORAR O LOCAL


  • Official Selection Lone Rider Animation Film SFFA Los Angeles

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Animation Film HorrorLust Festival

  • Official Selection Brazilian Wolverine Lift-Off Sessions Pinewood Studios

  • Semi-Finalist Official Selection Brazilian Wolverine Lisbon Film Rendezvous

  • Official Selection The Voice of Field Lift-Off Sessions Pinewood Studios

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Animation Kalakari Film Festival

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Animation FilmÓptico Visual Arts Film Festival

  • Nominee Tatva 21 Digital Film Festival LoneRider

  • Nominee Best Director Awards LoneRider

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Animation Animart Festival

  • Official Selection DOC Voice of Land International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE

  • Official Selection DOC Voice of Land Lift-Off Online Sessions Pinewood Studios

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Fillum International Storical & Short Film Festival (FISSF)

  • Official Selection DOC Voice of Land NAFCo Young Filmmakers

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Lift-Off Online Sessions Pinewood Studios

  • Official Selection The Voice of Field First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Kalakari Film Fest

  • Official Selection Lone Rider SCREAM it off SCREEN

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Serbia International Youth Film Festival

  • Official Selection Lone Rider Nasty Frames Independent Film Festival

  • Official Selection VR The CULTZONE Pureland RPG Game NewarIFF

  • Official Selection The Voice of Field Cinema of Nations

  • Official Competition Lone Rider BUEIFF Channel

  • 1st Award Innovations in november 2007 UAM Brazil category Arts Comunications



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