Dan Cassell

Dan Cassell

Anti-Star Cinema

Screenwriter and producer in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

About Dan

I have been writing and developing screenplays for nearly ten years. It is a craft which I adore; what some may see as constrictions and limitations in writing for the screen, when compared, for example to prose, I wholeheartedly embrace, calling upon my own powers of imagination to overcome the challenges associated with this hard to master art form. I have sought to achieve this by honing a very vivid, visual style in my own particular approach to script writing.

As my own writer's journey has evolved, I have gone from writing short, sub-ten page narratives to full length feature length odyssey's. Much of the work I have scribed has been looked at with views to future development and production. I continue to write every day; to call oneself a true 'writer'​ there can be no other approach.

During 2015 a feature screenplay I wrote, a silent horror genre piece entitled PARALYSIS reached the semi-finals of the prestigious Blue Cat Screenplay completion, placing in the top 2 percent of nearly 5000 starting entries. (I have placed it on Stage 32's longline section, for any interested parties consideration...)

This past autumn/fall, I was accepted into OVERDRIVE, a professional forum launched by Industrial Scripts for film professionals that strictly caps and limits its membership numbers. Membership is conditional only successful vetted applications.

I am always eager to collaborate with any directors, producers and cinematic movers and shakers who have scripts, treatments (or even just ideas) they are looking to nurture, develop and film. I will happily provide a qualified and professional feedback of any material they'd like read through, and provide a detailed and constructive critique in order to move the project forward.

My production company, Anti-Star Cinema, was founded in 2010 as a visual insurgency and filmic guerrilla movement.

It endures today as creative manifestation of visceral purges of a carnal, cathartic, nature, with a minimal financial cost attached...

How very pretentious ;)

(In Layman's terms: I/we go out and shoot stuff. Sometimes on camera, but usually an iPhone will suffice, using whatever resources, i.e actors, locations etc. are to hand. All with a minuscule-to- zero budget. Makes us feel better!)

We have completed a number of shorts. Are developing a few more. A feature length project is in the works. Watch this space...

I also have been working on and developing my acting skills, having in the past studied under the tutelage of Hollywood actor Nick Meaney's ACTA school of dramatic performance. It is a discipline I wish to further explore and develop myself in.

Name: Dan Cassell

Lives in: Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Company: Anti-Star Cinema

Occupation: Screenwriter and Producer

Unique traits: I specialise in visual storytelling. To this end, I have written a feature length screenplay with not a single line of dialogue. That was a challenge!



    SIN FOR SKIN (2016)
    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema (Short) Producer/Director SIN FOR SKIN explores BEN and his fateful decision relating to two very different relationships. Either live a comforting, yet debilitating lie or embrace an uncertain new dawn. Torn two ways, between two very different lovers, VICK (Flamboyance soaked with gin. A martyr to his loins) of CELINE (The other dalliance. An Ice Princess. The polar opposite of the carnal Vick.) It is a choice that not only is he unwilling to make, but one that he may not have the full degree of control over that he quite envisages�


    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema Producer/Director A once regal throne, now no more than a seat of sadness, spirals toward the end.... Shot on the iconic Super 8mm film format, 'The Melancholy Chair' was entered into Straight 8's legendary one cartridge/no edit contest in 2016.


    THE LIGHT (2016)
    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema/Dan Cassell (Horror, Sci-Fi and Short) Producer/Director The last three survivors of a derelict subterranean facility face up to a fate worse than death...


    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema/Dan Cassell (Horror, Mystery and Short) Producer/Director Pursued through an increasingly constricting landscape, by a mysterious, implacable foe, Eno is pitched against the nightmarish inner workings of his mind as it spirals down, simultaneously ending in physical oppression yet spiritual freedom� This short film was shot entirely on an iPhone 6 plus, using the Filmic Pro App. The narrative is conveyed in a purely visual style, relying on the actors ability to tell the story without the benefit of dialogue.


    Film (short) by Will Whitting Writer


    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema (Horror and Short) Writer/Director Hans leads a refined life. A cultured man of dignity, elegance and poise. That's the exterior persona he presents, anyway.... A SYMPHONY OF HANS is a tale of how within even the most upright can fester wicked and grotesque desires...


    FACADE (2011)
    Film (short) by Arts University Bournemouth/Michael Peel (Crime and Short) Actor


    PARIAH STATE (2011)
    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema/Dan Cassell Writer/Director


    DEADPAN (2011)
    Film (short) by The Self Help Commune/D.M.L Baker Actor/Cinematographer


    STRICKEN (2009)
    Film (short) by Anti-Star Cinema/Dan Cassell Producer/Director


    THE CAVITY CLUB (2007)
    Film (short) by Bournemouth University Skill Set/Phil Matthews Writer


    FOOL MOON (2006)
    Film (short) by Bournemouth University/Kim Knight Co-Writer


  • Blue Cat Feature Screenplay Contest Semi-Finalist (Top Two Percent)


  • Bournemouth University

Desert Island Movies

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