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WRITERS: Write me if you ever want to direct! Creator/writers always make the best directors today with new media and you do not even need a completed script. The three most profitable features ever made in the entire world were all made without completed scripts, mainly character and story outlines.
Forced to retire from teaching in high school/college film and television in 2002, as a hobby I started mentoring and co-producing from my home/office desktop with former students who could not find good paying industry jobs. Within months, I learned most all needed funding to live while they wrote and developed scripts; produced shorts and features; edited reels; worked on titles, posters, press releases, advertising and distribution and searched for inexpensive animation, SFX and CGI. Partnering with and setting up independent new media production studios in different cities and countries; this is my goal in life:
Today, I mentor, collaborate and co-produce making zero/no/lo/micro-budgeted features and everything in between all the way up to $100+ million features. If you work with a great concept, even inexpensively made independent new media films can make millions. Two of the three "Most Profitable Features Ever Made in the Entire World" were made in my circle. The third one was produced in 2007 for $15,000 and after a 2 year battle with Steven Spielberg, first-time director Oren Peli's feature became a franchise that spawned five more features that took in almost $1.4 billion. First- time New Media creator/writer/directors have an enormous advantage!
Most of the "Old Media" rules still being taught in schools are being broken every day. The amount of money you spend making a new media DIGITAL film has absolutely NOTHING to do with how good the film might be; how many people will see it; or how much money it might possibly earn. I've helped to secure funding for many live-action and animated film projects and I mentor and co-produce features, serialized short digital content, games and graphic novels. No longer working with music videos or shorts (they seldom make profits) since all shorts can be made into features with development by adding sub-plots and spending a little more time and money (if you know what you're doing). I do advise everyone to work with music videos and all short subjects every time you can get paid upfront.
As a 76 year old retired teacher, I taught all visual and graphic arts, including printing, photography, film making and television in high schools and colleges. I became a dinosaur in the late 1990's when everything I taught was suddenly being done on computers and I knew no computer programs. Forced to retire in 2002, as a hobby I began blogging about independent new media producing and I wrote the book on this subject publishing 5000+ blogs up until I was forced to stop writing in 2009 when Google changed all the rules. I also started mentoring and co-producing projects with some of my former students who could not secure good paying industry jobs but it soon became obvious that they all needed money more than anything else and that's how I began working to secure funds.
I love working with exceptional projects. Every project I work with is different and so many things can go wrong. Because either I or my students have already made all the mistakes, I can save producers time and money. IT'S EASIER TO LEARN BY EXAMPLE than by losing all your time, money and work. Raising funds and lowering budgets (there are hundreds of ways to do both) it is important to know when to lower the budget.
However, never cut costs if it ever lowers the high-production value of the onscreen images; the crisp, clear quality of the soundtrack; the high-level of the acting or cinematography; or the impact of the characters or story lines that might detract from the high quality of the finished content that enables any good project to become more lucrative. It's impossible to ever predict what will happen in the future, but investors want to be as certain as possible that their funding will be returned to them with profits and that larger funding will always be available for publicity, merchandising, advertising, and distribution.
2001-SAY HELLO-after a hundred live action ones, our first animated music video -
2005-METHOD ACTING-the first of nine films animated in 2D for Cablevision and Rainbow Media’s Independent Film Channel -
2007-My “george” article (about the one man who changed the entire 21st century the most) written for and published on the Internet by Indie Movies Online, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK - (People laughed at me when I first started blogging in 2002 and wrote about how New Media would change everything. A Hollywood producer I worked with told me Steven Spielberg and/or George Lucas read my blogs and used my ideas in 2006 to save $120 million and also earn an extra $180 million. Many indie filmmakers have adopted my concepts and new media studios are today earning hundreds of millions with the ideas I blogged about.

2015-My Mom was born on May 2, 1915 in New York City and she turned 100 years old at Grace Plaza in Great Neck earlier this year. My daughter arranged the party and, my brother, his wife and son and many of my children and grandchildren attended. Everyone with a smart Phone took pictures and video. I also did, but I decided to make a short film using older pictures and only a couple of the photos and none of the videos taken on that day...
There is a simple trick to obtaining the highest quality, lowest cost animations, 2D, 3D, SFX, CGI, motion graphics, titles, posters, compositing and visual effects to enhance low-budget productions. Write me at and I'll tell you how. I'm always looking to network with more writers, music and sound people, artists, actors and creatives. I sell nothing and never spam. You can always go it alone but I've found that social media networking and marketing works great but only when you have great numbers in you circle.
I work with creators/writers/owners and teams who look to become part of the eRenaissance by setting up production studios and I am available to mentor, partner, collaborate, produce, raise funds, assist, business manage, market, distribute and MONETIZE creator's New Media features and serialized digital programs with far better results than those who decide to go it alone because like stage32, our group is now worldwide.

Unique traits: writer, artist, photographer, mentor, co-producer, funding, advertising, branding, promoting, marketing, distribution


  • University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

  • Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)

  • Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY)

  • The Cooper Union Art School

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