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About Frankie

My name is Frank Baruch and I’m a freelance screenwriter living and working in San Diego.

I’m an incredibly versatile and hands on writer, having tackled 10 scripts in genres such as historical fiction, horror, murder mystery, romance, dark comedy, action/adventure, fantasy and sci-fi. I prefer to write outside of my comfort zone, usually about different cultures which pique my interest.

So far, I have written about a clan of samurai in feudal Japan, labor camp prisoners in soviet era Russia, a serial killer in 15th century France, a downtrodden American writer in Vietnam and a host of characters who run the gamut from the overtly charismatic to the downright malevolent.

My goals for this industry, other than seeking representation, is to have the opportunity to see my vision on the screen and present a positive image of hope to an audience who may need a dose of reality at this time.

Ordinary characters, not unlike you and I, who go through extraordinary circumstances. I want to be able to speak through my writing and make a difference to the people I care for; the helpless, the innocent, the misunderstood and the forgotten.


  • Where Komainu Cry

    Where Komainu Cry Budget: $10M - $30M | Action Drama To rescue their master from a well protected Japanese fortress, a group of samurai must test their honor and humility beyond the bounds of their code.

  • Expatriates

    Expatriates Budget: $10M - $30M | Action Drama Through hell and rough waters, two brothers must etch out an existence in a refugee camp ruled by violence, religious strife and terrorism.

  • Die Hard 6: Dead On Arisal

    Die Hard 6: Dead On Arisal Budget: $1M - $5M | Action Adventure Los Angeles 2021, New years eve. Keith Powell, son of hero cop Al Powell, is an intermediary Twinkie eating firefighter in an unrewarding marriage. Little does he know, he is up for one unforgettable birthday. When the first centralized cryptocurrency bank is attacked by a group of radicals, Keith is forced to overcome the odds, battle personal demons and guarantee the safety of the mother of his child. 132 pgs. 

  • Mother's Matchbox

    Mother's Matchbox Budget: $1M - $5M | War Drama Two years after his mother’s suicide, a downtrodden writer (Lucas Bandy) receives a strange letter alluding to an inheritance in Vietnam. Questions abound, Lucas embarks on a dangerous trek for answers while his mother (Valerie Beldon) battles insurmountable odds working as a nurse during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing. 109 pgs.

  • The Con of Solovki

    The Con of Solovki Budget: $1M - $5M | War Drama Through arrest and proceeding show trial, a con-man (Nikolai) and his father (Krischev) are sent to the brutal labor camp Solovki in soviet era Russia. By using tact and intuition, Nikolai goes to daring lengths to protect his interests, while also devising an escape amongst an island of con men. 89 pgs.

  • Amongst Our Souvenirs

    Amongst Our Souvenirs Budget: $10M - $30M | Historical Drama France, 1940. An American R.A.F pilot (SKIP), a French conscript (HENRY) and an English soldier (MARTIN) attempt to survive the beaches of Dunkirk amidst a full-scale retreat. As the situation worsens the men keep sane by regaling tales of the origins of their personal trinkets, each tied to a significant nautical disaster. The white ship, the Sultana and the Lusitania. 123 pgs.

  • Saint in the Shadow of Bluebeard

    Saint in the Shadow of Bluebeard Budget: $1M - $5M | Crime Drama In 15th century France, a disillusioned friar is coerced by a mercenary, conscripted by the council of Nantes, to investigate on the disappearances of children from the surrounding townships. 

  • Exorcist: Malevolence

    Exorcist: Malevolence Budget: $1M - $5M | Horror Drama After a bizarre incident in an old lumber mine, an ambivalent railroad worker’s (Warren) son (Christian) starts to exhibit strange and eerie behavior. Having exhausted all options, a chance encounter with a shaken priest (Dominic) kickstarts a bid to save the child’s very soul. 99 pgs.     

  • Tournament of Argos: Crimson Tome

    Tournament of Argos: Crimson Tome Budget: $10M - $30M | Adventure Fantasy Following the death of his wife (Lillin) and unborn son, a sullied ranger (Belintroth) embarks on an epic quest with a disgraced half spawn mage (Ozligar), an Amazonian huntress (Andolin) and an ogrish hell spawn (Qulig) to recover an ancient tome of resurrection, contained within the impenetrable fortress of a fallen god (Daedalic).  126 pgs.

  • Romanov Holiday

    Romanov Holiday Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Drama A space marine suffering from amnesia must find his way home amidst strange worlds and the politics, geography and various life forms that inhabit them.


  • Beverly Hills Film Festival 1st Runner Up. Saint in the Shadow of Bluebeard

  • Cinemagic Film Fest Award of Exceptional Merit. Romanov Holiday

  • Los Angeles Film Awards Best Sci-Fi Screenplay. Romanov Holiday

  • LA Live Film Fest Finalist. Saint in the Shadow of Bluebeard

  • Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival Finalist. Romanov Holiday

  • Oaxaca Film Fest Finalist. Where Komainu Cry

  • Northeast Mountain Film Fest Finalist. Where Komainu Cry

  • Page Turner Screenplays Semi Finalist. Romanov Holiday

  • Utah Film Festival and Awards Semi Finalist. Where Komainu Cry

  • LA Live Film Fest Finalist. Where Komainu Cry

  • Independent Talents International Film Festival Semi Finalist. Where Komainu Cry

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