Gayna Petit-Gittos

Gayna Petit-Gittos

Represented in AUS / UK / NZ by Sharon Power @ BOLD ARTIST MANAGEMENT Represented in UK by Tina Hartery @ BDISCOVERED
Actor, Voice Artist and Photographer (Still)

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January 2015
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About Gayna

Member of SPOTLIGHT. Web site: A duel Citizenship of the UK & Australia. I'm reliable, focused & highly professional. Charismatic, dynamic & imaginative. I'm good humoured & I take instruction well. I'm free to travel any distance. After graduating with a BA(Hons)Illustration I have been an Artist & Wildlife Photographer, I've written poetry & done interior & garden design. I did singing, acting & music in school & college. I have a passion for acting, films & dance & I see it as a continuation of my love for the Creative Arts.


  • Hello Au Revoir

    Hello Au Revoir (2017)
    Film Actress 1000 Actors from all around the World help create a very unique and groundbreaking Feature Film.

  • Desolation

    Desolation (2014)
    Film by Celtic Storm Films Ltd Doc Gemma

  • Loves War

    Loves War (2013)
    Film (short) by Titanium Production Mother

  • Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

    Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (2013)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Drama) Actress The trio of Dharam (Dharmendra), Paramveer (Sunny Deol) and Gajodhar (Bobby Deol) reunite, this time in the UK. Paramveer opens up the "Yamla Pagla Deewana" club and re-encounters a visit with Dharam and Gajodhar, after their last visit to Canada. Now, the trio are back with double the fun, double the action, with the presence of a fool (Johnny Lever), and double the romance, with the Suman (Neha Sharma), and Paramveer's love Reet (Kristina Akheeva). Written by Akshay Dhar

  • DVD cover & Promo Poster

    DVD cover & Promo Poster (2012)
    Print by Howard-Smith Films Production Iris

  • Like Mother...

    Like Mother... (2012)
    Film (short) by Howard-Smith Films Production Iris

  • 7 Days

    7 Days (2012)
    Film (short) by Jilted Freak Production DCI Johnson

  • Never Forget the Brave

    Never Forget the Brave (2012)
    Film (Short, Action and Sci-Fi) Actress After decades of bloody civil war back on Earth, the off world colonies soon find that the war is coming their way. Invasion forces close in leaving 4 colonists making a pact to stand their ground against overwhelming odds so that a handful of survivors can make it to the safety of a waiting shuttle. Written by Rick Mcleod

  • Shoeless

    Shoeless (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actress A moc-umentary about a man who can't wear shoes. We follow the main character 'Martin' as he battles his way though life, a life with no foot wear. Endlessly watching were he is treading, he is held back constantly with what jobs he can do and people give him a hard time wherever he goes. He eventually meets up with other people with his condition and falls in love. Written by Phil Noakes

  • I Against I

    I Against I (2012)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Actress Focusing on the timeless themes of jealousy, murder and betrayal, 'I Against I' is set over one night and utilises different time lines to reveal a dark and unexpected conclusion to a simple mystery premise. The main protagonists, opposite in character, take a frantic journey into a desolate nocturnal world with the common aim of survival, though once completed, the plot reveals a trap from which escape may be impossible. Taking influence from films like 'Le Samurai', 'Point Break', and new Asian noir, the film is a modern homage to hard boiled cinema with its own original take. Written by Peter Slack

  • Murder He Wrote

    Murder He Wrote (2011)
    Theater Bunny Burrows

  • Jack Falls

    Jack Falls (2011)
    Film (Crime) Actress Former undercover police officer Jack Adleth returns to London seeking those who tried to have him killed in Amsterdam.

  • No Man Is An Island - Artist: Owen Deacon

    No Man Is An Island - Artist: Owen Deacon (2010)
    Video by John Speer Production Club Dancer

  • Co-Op Web Viral

    Co-Op Web Viral (2010)
    Internet by Imagist Studios Production Cinema Visitor

  • Corporate

    Corporate (2010)
    Commercial by See What You Mean Production Office Staff

  • Fine Art Paintings

    Fine Art Paintings (2010)
    Print by Paul Harding Production Femme Fetale

  • Illustrated Screen Play

    Illustrated Screen Play (2010)
    Print by Reminiscence Ric Films Production Jaq (LEAD)

  • Paperback book & Cover

    Paperback book & Cover (2010)
    Print by Reminiscence Ric Films Production Galatians Girl (LEAD)

  • Minor Prophets

    Minor Prophets (2010)
    Film (short) by Reminiscence Ric Films Production Naomi (LEAD)

  • Noah & Mrs Noah

    Noah & Mrs Noah (2010)
    Film (short) by Reminiscence Ric Films Production Mrs Noah (LEAD)

  • Escape To Danger

    Escape To Danger (2010)
    Film (short) by Reminiscence Ric Films Production Jaq (LEAD)

  • Dream Sequence ll

    Dream Sequence ll (2010)
    Film (short) by Reminiscence Ric Films Production Galatians Girl (LEAD)

  • Terror Nation

    Terror Nation (2010)
    Film by Masochist Pictures Production Celia Perkins

  • Human Evils

    Human Evils (2010)
    Television by Strike the Iron Production Vicar (LEAD)

  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not (2010)
    Film (Romance) Actress Taking place over twenty four hours, the story centres on Will Fletcher, a passionate musician, and Eve Fisher, a beautiful, free-spirited woman who works in the local bar. Whilst struggling to cope with a tragic secret, Will saves Eve from a drunken customer at closing time and their paths become inextricably linked. Intrigued by one another, they journey through London, not knowing what the night holds or what the day may bring. As dawn turns to light and the two draw ever closer, can Will reveal the truth to Eve? Written by Quicksilver Films

  • The Infidel

    The Infidel (2010)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress Based in a London suburb Mahmud Nasir lives with his pretty wife, Saamiya, and two children, Rashid and Nabi. His son plans to marry Uzma, the step-daughter of Egyptian-born Arshad Al-Masri, a so-called 'Hate Cleric' from Waziristan, Pakistan. Mahmud, who is not exactly a devout Muslim, he drinks alcohol, and does not pray five times, but does agree that he will appease Arshad, without whose approval the marriage cannot take place. Shortly thereafter Mahmud, while going over his recently deceased mother's documents, will find out that he was adopted, his birth parents were Jewish, and his name is actually Solly Shimshillewitz. He conceals this information from his family, and with the help of his neighbor, Leonard Goldberg, tries to understand the Jews, their religion and even locates his birth-father, who is on his death-bed in a nursing home. Mahmud does not know that Arshad has been checking into his background, has videotaped him setting fire to a Jewish cap during a protest, and ... Written by rAjOo (

  • Female detectives

    Female detectives (2009)
    Print by JimJack Production Detective

  • Being

    Being (2009)
    Documentary by Sarah Laybourn Restaurant Diner (LEAD)


  • 8 GOLD AWARDS at Arthur Murray World Wide London Combined Showcase - 8 studios represented from USA Middle East / Europe / UK - with 4 International Judges. 1 solo performance & 7 freestyle dances


  • •University of New York : Art & Design, Buffalo, USA

  • •Arthur Murray Dance Studios : Ballroom & Latin Dance (Nauris Kalva & Daniel K), London, UK

  • •El Bronco Ranch : Western Horse Riding For Actors (Viktoria Spirk & Sandor Kristof), Izsak, Matyodulo, Hungary

  • •The Chickenshed Theatre : Performance Workshop 4 (Rachel Yates & Belinda McGuirk), London, UK

  • •The Chickenshed Theatre : Performance Workshop 3 (Johnny Morton & Mark Lees), London, UK

  • •The Chickenshed Theatre : Performance Workshop 2 (Johnny Morton & Mark Lees), London, UK

  • •The Chickenshed Theatre : Performance Workshop 1 (Johnny Morton & Mark Lees), London, UK

  • •The Dairy Studios : Voiceover Masterclass (Heiko Obermoeller), London, UK

  • •Kate Bee Acting Studio : Method Acting (Joanne Singer), Stafford, UK

  • •Stagefight Ltd : Dagger/Knife fighting (Raph Aldis), Kidderminster, UK

  • •Stagefight Ltd : Unarmed Stage Combat (Raph Aldis), Kidderminster, UK

  • •Stella Adler Studios : Perfecting the Monologue (Timothy Craig), Los Angeles, USA

  • •Kate Bee Acting Studio : Monologue training/Method Acting (Joanne Singer), Stafford, UK

  • •Met Film School : Acting for Film (Emma Lindley), Ealing studios, London, UK

  • •Wolverhampton University : BA(Hons)Illustration, Wolverhampton, UK

  • •Film C.o.o.l.i.o Ltd : Director Workshop (Paul J Lane), Kent, UK

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