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Pitch ​Catherine Keithley

Catherine Keithley is the Emmy Winning Vice President of Current and Development at Brian Graden Media. She produced Season 1 of INSTANT INFLUENCER with James Charles for YouTube Originals, Seasons 1 - 4 of ESCAPE THE NIGHT for YouTube Originals starring Joey Graceffa, the hour special also for YouTube Originals BAND TOGETHER WITH LOGIC and season 1 of MS. T'S MUSIC FACTORY for Lifetime. She's sold and developed a number of shows for BGM at various stages of development, casting, presentations, and pilots for networks like Lifetime, NBC, BET, POP, E!, Bravo, GSN, A&E, Fullscreen, & YouTube Originals.

Before joining BGM in 2013 as the first development hire, Catherine was a Development Associate for Ellen Rakieten (Executive Producer for THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW) & Tom Forman (Executive Producer for EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE & CATFISH: THE TV SHOW) at Ellen Rakieten Entertainment, a division of RELATIVITY TELEVISION (now Critical Content). During her time at Relativity, she helped develop shows like the Emmy Award winning, TRISHA'S SOUTHERN KITCHEN (Food Network), HOLLYWOOD GIRLS NIGHT (TV Guide), HIDEOUS HOUSES (A&E), TEEN TROUBLE (Lifetime), CELEBRITY DISH (Food Network) & PRETTY WICKED MOMS (Lifetime).

Catherine started her career in talent management at The Collective Management Firm (now Studio71) in Beverly Hills. She was an executive assistant to a leading talent manager and handled day to day scheduling for clients like Michael Kenneth Williams, Margarita Levieva, Wilmer Valderrama, Eliza Dushku, June Diane Raphael, Cat Deeley, and Katherine Waterston.

Before joining BGM, Catherine was a Development Associate for Ellen Rakieten (Executive Producer for "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The Big Give", and "The Marriage Ref") & Tom Forman (Executive Producer for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", "The Great Food Truck Race", "Catfish: The TV Show") at Ellen Rakieten Entertainment, a division of Relativity Television.


Catherine specializes in Reality, Variety, Crime Docs, Game Shows, and Unscripted Shows of All Genres with Strong-on-camera, Credible Characters for TV and Digital/Streaming. Please no narrative projects


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Tips on pitching to ​Catherine Keithley

Pitching unscripted content is different than pitching scripted material. We recently spoke with Catherine for some insight into what she likes to see in a reality pitch:

"Reality needs credible characters with big personality like Abby Lee Miller, Anthony Bourdain, Rob Dyrdek - they set the bar. A good example of a character Stage 32 brought us a couple months ago was Chef Ian Sherlock, he is a strong, credible chef who definitely has hosting chops!"

"Think ahead of time who the right buyer is... does your show belong on History channel or Freeform? VH1 or Lifetime? This helps make a pitch stronger if you have thought this through."

"Any show with existing footage or a sizzle reel is a big plus. Materials shows you have thought out what an episode looks like, what TV moments are, the format, payoff, etc. Television is a formula, and it's important you know their formula before pitching us if possible."

NOTE: to submit a sizzle reel or show deck/bible before you pitch, please reach out with advanced notice to writerhelp@stage32.com


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Whether you're preparing to find (or switch) representation, or go out with a script to production companies, studios or buyers, Stage 32 Pitch Sessions are a great first step to make sure you are on the right track.

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Through feedback given during Stage 32 Pitch Sessions, hundreds of writers have had success in their careers. Stage 32 writers have moved on to be signed, optioned, produced (including the 2020 film CHICK FIGHT), or put into development with industry professionals. In fact, in the last year alone, there were over 2,000 script requests and 500 meetings set up with industry professionals for writers through Stage 32.

How Does a Pitch via Skype or Phone Work?

Part of having a great script means that you have to be prepared to pitch it in a room or through a video pitch. It's important that you know the nuts and bolts of your pitch in order to give yourself the best chance for success when pitching it. We're here to help you.

In our Skype or Phone pitches, you have the option to pitch face-to-face directly with the executive through Skype or via telephone. Your pitch will be 8 minutes in total. It is up to you on how you want to use your time, but we recommend you spend 5-6 minutes to pitch your project, followed by 2-3 minutes of questions or feedback from the person to whom you are pitching.

This is a great way to work out pitching your material while establishing a new connection in the industry! You will be able to interact with the executive of your choice who specializes in the genre and format of your project. Would you like tips on how to pitch live? Download our pitching guidebook here.

How Does a Written Pitch Work?

Don't feel comfortable pitching live yet? Not a problem! Alternatively, you can submit a written pitch of up to 2-pages in length. This option is perfect for those writers who feel more comfortable expressing their ideas on the page rather than in person. It also allows for flexibility if you are unable to pitch live during a scheduled session.

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5 Tips To Make Your Pitch Successful

Remember that executives who are hearing your pitch are supportive and want to give you the tools to succeed! There are ways in which you can help make that happen. Here are some tips to help you during your pitch.

  1. Talk briefly about yourself and your connection to the material.
  2. Give the title, logeline, genre(s), and comparable film or television tiles.
  3. Set up the world in which your story takes place in and then the protagonist. Then dive into the story pitch.
  4. Less is more! Make sure that your pitch is clear, concise, focused, and engaging. Do not try to pack too much into your initial 5-6 minutes and be sure to leave time for questions and answers.
  5. Be polite and receptive - remember the person on the other end does this for a living and their feedback is invaluable for you to understand where you fare in the marketplace.

Do not ask the executive if they want to read your script during the pitch. Do not reach out to an executive outside of the Stage 32 platform. Doing so will have the opposite of the intended effect. Stage 32 is a professional organization and if there is interest in your script, we will facilitate the request.

These are set up as industry-standard professional pitching sessions so we expect you to be fully prepared. If you have questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact the Stage 32 Script Services team at any time writerhelp@stage32.com. We're happy to help.

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