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Pitch David Harris

David Specializes in Large, Franchiseable Action; Unique Horror under $3MM; and Near-future, Grounded Sci-fi Features; as well as Features based on Established IP.


SECURITY, produced by David Harris

David Harris is a former development executive turned independent producer. He worked at Platinum Studios (COWBOYS & ALIENS, "Jeremiah", DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT) and Paramount Pictures (M:I 6 - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, ARRIVAL, GHOST IN THE SHELL)  before turning to producing. In 2017, he produced the $15MM action/thriller SECURITY at Nu Image / Millennium Films, starring Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley; and the thriller DESOLATION, directed by David Moscow.

David is currently focusing on Action Features and features based on established IP, as he believes the market is primed for these types of materials, but he is always interested in great genre material.


As a direct result of these pitch sessions, David hired Stage 32 writer Craig Walendziak to co-write the thriller DESOLATION directed by David Moscow. He has optioned 2 Stage 32 scripts and helped another Stage 32 member get hired for a writing assignment with producer Luke Edwards.



Credits include:

DesolationSecurityDavid HarrisHunt to Kill


Tips on pitching to David Harris

  • Do not include other readers excerpts, coverage notes or say things like "My script will attract a huge audience". Give specific examples in your movie that will exemplify how good your movie is without actually having to say it flat out.
  • Use actor comps when setting up your characters.
  • Don't go off on tangents. Stay as close to your main throughline as possible.


  • You may only pitch ONE project per reservation. Execs are looking for projects they can develop, NOT portfolios.
  • You should have a completed script available upon request for the project you pitch.
  • Do not reach out to the executives unless directed by Stage 32. They do NOT accept unsolicited material or appreciate being cold-called/emailed by strangers.
  • Missed reservations are not refundable and will not be rescheduled.

Live Pitches

Within 15 minutes of your scheduled pitch, the exec will reach out by Skype or Phone. Your pitch session will last approximately 8 minutes.

Written Pitches

Written Pitches will be no more than 2 pages submitted as a PDF or WORD document. Any written pitch uploaded past the deadline will not be shown to the executive and will result in a non-refundable forfeiture of your pitch.


Within 3-4 weeks of your pitch session, you will receive a Pitch Scorecard on which the exec you pitched will provide pitch feedback and note if they are PASSing, or would like to REQUEST your material.

If you are requested, you will be notified via email with further instructions. The execs will have 2-3 months to review your material and note if they are PASSing, or would like a MEETING. If a meeting is requested, we will introduce you via email.

Please understand that these are working executives, and their schedules are subject to change at a moment's notice. We always strive to give you at least 24 hours of notice if a session has been cancelled, and we will recommend another executive for you to pitch your material to.

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