Pitch Joe Wiggins (Saturday, April 29th 2017)

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Pitch Joe Wiggins

Joe is looking for thriller features in the $3-$5MM range.

For TV, he is interested in cable dramas and comedies covering unique worlds.


Game of Silence on NBC, produced by Intrigue Entertainment


Joe Wiggins is a Creative Executive with Intrigue, a Santa Monica-based film and television production company founded in 2009 by Tariq Jalil, dedicated to producing outstanding, engaging and occasionally poignant film and television programming. They most recently produced Game of Silence on NBC and have sold Hail Mary to ABC, Blowback to The CW, and Elements to USA (co-produced with Amblin Entertainment). 

In features, they have Book of Leo set up at Universal Pictures (Sean William Scott set to star), Camden is packaged with Laurence Fishburne and set up with The Exchange (Obvious Child), Intrusion set up at MGM slated for production, and The Gun Show spec was recently sold to Paramount Pictures.

Wiggins worked for manager/producer Sukee Chew (Jesus Henry Christ, Dark Tide) and casting director Nancy Nayor (Road Trip, The Grudge, Scream 4) before joining Intrigue in early 2012.


Company Exec & Production Credits include:

Joe WigginsJoe WigginsJoe WigginsJoe Wiggins

Tips on pitching to Joe Wiggins

  • Highlight what makes your story stand out.
  • If you are pitching a comedy, include a few comedic moments from your story so the tone is clear.
  • If your story takes place in a unique world (ala Game of Thrones) take the time to establish the world before diving into the story pitch.


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