Ia Ensterä

Ia Ensterä

SET DESIGNER - Based out of Helsinki, Finland and Austin, TX
Art Director, Concept Artist, Costume Designer, Illustrator, Model Maker, Production Designer, Prop Master, Puppeteer, Set Decorator, Set Designer and Storyboard Artist

Helsinki, Finland

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About Ia

I am what some might call a scenic designer...or a set designer...or a production designer...or a costume designer... or even a scenographer. However, I would consider myself more of an environmental designer and a connoisseur of anything and everything artistic.

Through the years, I have designed sets, costumes, props, and even puppets for various productions in theatre, film, commercials, and music videos. My goal has always been to bring to each and every production an original visual interpretation that best serves the text and the vision of the director. I enjoy bringing a strong sense of mood, atmosphere and character to a piece, creating an immersive experience for the audience and a sense of occasion on either large or small scale productions.

I am also an experienced interior designer, creating innovative spaces for retailers, educators, and individuals. My experience is not solely in design, but also in the successful execution of the construction (I was the construction manager for a custom home builder for quite a few years)...but let's face it, folks like to bring me in for something different than the ordinary interior design. I am, after all, from the "carnie" side of life, and am not held to the same aesthetic norms as most.



  • Her Story

    Her Story (2015)
    Film (short) by Christopher James Thompson (Drama and Romance) Costume designer, Production designer A young couple's journey through love braving the presence of a terminal illness.

  • The Association

    The Association (2015)
    Film by David Precopia (Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy) Costume designer, Art department, Set decorator When horror romance novelist John Cassidy and his family move to the sleepy suburbs of Harker Heights, they realize John's new found fame comes with a "Price". The neighborhood is populated by a bickering couple, an overzealous ex-cop, a boozing playboy, a nosy neighbor, and a mysterious Homeowners Association head, just like any other upper middle class enclave. But when the busybody turns wallflower, the womanizer becomes more interested in raw meat than female flesh, and unsolved murders begin to pile up, John gets suspicious. He soon discovers the HOA leader, Mr. Price and his minions are even more sinister than they seem. When Price kidnaps John's daughter, he is forced to spring into action and with the aid of his slacker brother Bobby, a rag-tag team of neighbors and guidance from his sleazy agent Vincent Graves, he begins to wage a battle between good and evil. The crew of misfits face a lineup of creatures that seem torn from the pages of John's novels, but the most evil of ... Written by Anonymous

  • Visible Noise

    Visible Noise (2014)
    Film (short) by Jentri Quinn Chancey (Drama) Production designer A level-headed woman loses the love of her life and mourns him by taking on his bad habits.

  • Doonby

    Doonby (2013)
    Film by Peter Mackenzie (Mystery and Thriller) Set decorator Sam Doonby, a no-good drifter, enters a small town in Texas. His sudden arrival is met with suspicion, jealousy, and intrigue. His departure is just as sudden, and then the town realizes how one person's presence can matter.

  • The Man from Orlando

    The Man from Orlando (2012)
    Film by Craig Elrod (Comedy) Costume designer Orlando, a lifeguard in the summer and gangster in the winter, abandons his life of crime and returns to his hometown of Priddy, Texas. After getting in over his head with his Olympic swimmer ex-girlfriend and a crew of volunteer firefighters, his former lifeguard gang comes after him and the contents of his fanny pack. Written by Craig Elrod

  • The Ascent

    The Ascent (2010)
    Film by S.J. Creazzo (Action, Drama and Thriller) Set decorator, Art director Mountain guide, Emily Wilks, is forced to lead a group of men up the perilous Devil's Peak. But leading the group up Devil's Peak is just a stalling tactic until Emily reveals her own dark secret.

  • The 2 Bobs

    The 2 Bobs (2009)
    Film by Tim McCanlies (Comedy) Production designer, Art director

  • Z: A Zombie Musical

    Z: A Zombie Musical (2007)
    Film by John McLean (Comedy and Musical) Costume designer After three Catholic Nuns are attacked by a Zombie Dog and turned into Zombies, they discover a group of articulate, educated, singing & dancing Zombies living in the idyllic enclave of Zomburbia. One of the Nuns refuses to accept her new-found Zombie-osity and sets off on a comic journey of self-discovery and mayhem...with, naturally, much singing and dancing along the way!

  • Idiocracy

    Idiocracy (2006)
    Film by Mike Judge (Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Art department Officer Collins has been spearheading one of the US Army's most secretive experiments to date: the Human Hibernation Project. If successful, the project would store its subjects indefinitely until they are needed most. Their first test subject - Joe Bowers - was not chosen for his superiority. Instead, he's chosen because he's the most average guy in the armed services. But scandal erupts after the experiment takes place, the base is closed, and the president disavows any knowledge of the project. Unfortunately Joe doesn't wake up in a year, he wakes up in 500 years! But during that time human evolution has taken a dramatic down turn. After waking up, Joe takes a prison-assigned IQ test and finds that he's the smartest guy alive! Awaiting a full presidential pardon if he can solve one of the country's biggest problems - the dwindling plant population, Joe races against time to solve this problem. But in doing so he alienates half the country in the process! Can he make things right ... Written by halo1k

  • The Ringer

    The Ringer (2005)
    Film by Barry W. Blaustein (Comedy and Sport) Art department This comedy is about two guys who decide to rig the Special Olympics to pay off a debt by having one of them, Steve (Knoxville), pose as a contestant in the games, hoping to dethrone reigning champion, Jimmy. Mentally-challenged high jinks and hilarity surely follow. Written by bfluehr

  • The King

    The King (2005)
    Film by James Marsh (Drama and Thriller) Art department A motiveless malignancy? Elvis leaves the Navy and heads for Texas where he contacts his father, whom he's never met, the pastor at a Christian community church. Pastor Dave tells Elvis to stay away and, without telling his family that Elvis is his son from a pre-conversion liaison, tells them to have nothing to do with him. But Elvis has already connected with Malerie, the pastor's 16-year old daughter. Elvis embarks on the seduction of Malerie, while Dave examines his conscience and comes to a new conclusion. Can anyone get right with the Lord? Does the Lord hear? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

  • Brownwood

    Brownwood (2004)
    Film by David Hickey (Comedy and Drama) Costume designer Brownwood, Texas review: by JOE ESPY Fake a few abortions. Pay your rent late. Sleep with the dude driving the biggest truck in town. Such is the dismal existence of Lacy Cotton (Shaneye Ferrell), a small town product of a musty honky tonk and severely mediocre ambition. Lacy currently exists in the redneck rut of life, but she discovers the old fashioned, neo-American way out, lies, lies and a few more lies. With the come-and-go support of her best friend, Missy (Quenby Bakke), Lacy makes an ill-fated appearance on a TV talk show to supposedly meet a secret admirer, but instead meets a colossal catastrophe. Additional contributions from Texas originals, such as Kinky Friedman as Lacy's father, make the story of KNOCKED UP the quintessential, small town classic. And let it be known that Shaneye Ferrell delivers the very embodiment of redneck scripture tremendously impressive. David Hickey has taken a story, which surprises no one, and surprised everyone with an archetypal comedy. Film... Written by JOE ESPY

  • Jack & Bobby

    Jack & Bobby (2004)
    Television by Vanessa Taylor (Drama) Visual effects, Costume and Wardrobe Department Faux documentary series from 2049 about Bobby McCallister, the US president elected eight years earlier, and his older brother Jack. Talking head interviews with Bobby's staff are combined with reenactment footage of the McCallisters' teenage years, dealing with a pot smoking mother and typical high school drama. Also explored is Jack's tentative romance with Courtney Benedict. Written by rmlohner


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