Jean Louis Nieuwbourg

Jean Louis Nieuwbourg

Nieuwbourg Jean-Louis
Line Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Insurance Specialist, Production Manager and Business Affairs Consultant

Paris, France

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About Jean

Jean-Louis NIEUWBOURG, Executive Producer & Line Producer, has worked for the past 25 years on numerous successful pictures such as "READ MY LIPS" directed by Jacques Audiard - 3 César award including best actress, best script and best sound, "CHOUCHOU" directed by Merzak Allouache with Gad Elmaleh (4 millions spectators in France), "FRIENDS FOREVER" directed by Patrice Leconte (10 millions spectators in France) or "THE RED INN" directed by Gérard Krawczyk. Filmography available

Jean-Louis provides consulting and packaging services for all phrases of the production of feature-films from the developpment, financing, production to distribution, including to foreign producers looking to benefit from the new Tax Rebate for International Production (TRIP - 30%) and seeking a French counterpart.

Jean-Louis is also member of the ADP (French Production Manager Association, Paris), of the CST (Commission Supérieure et Technique de l'Image et du Son, Paris), and the CNC (Centre National de la Cinématographie).



    WOJTYLA FILE (2016)
    Film Consultant Production -- Consultant Production -- Financement in progress -- Looking for producers -- WOTJYLA FILE - DOSSIER WOJTYLA " WOJTYLA FILE" is a fiction feature film script on the attack to Pope John Paul II containing unpublished documents and proprietary information that has been revealed to Jean-Marie Benjamin by Italian politicians, judges and personalities of the Vatican. "DOSSIER WOJTYLA" est un scenario fiction long métrage sur l'attentat du pape Jean-Paul II contenant des documents inedits et des informations exclusives reveles à  Jean-Marie Benjamin par des personnalites politiques italiennes, magistrats et personnalites du Vatican.

  • HIT ME

    HIT ME (2016)
    Documentary by Corinne SAVOYEN (Documentary) Consultant Production -- In progress -- Looking for producers -- "HIT ME" In the beginning, there was music, whose rhythm. Then came the funk in 1970, invented by James Brown for his JB's under the artistic direction of Fred Wesley, its conductor. pipe machine, this virtuoso of training undergoes tyrannical onslaught of his "master", and proposed a social ambition far beyond mere cultural vocation. She managed to bring together the white and black, dance around and a joy shared together. This film is a key road movie, shot alongside Fred Wesley. In view of a Paris concert with the greatest artists of the genre, echoing that of James Brown in 1971 at the Olympia. He went to meet his former comrades, but the younger generation, in a purpose of transmission to the funk survive the time. Because funk and its intrinsic philosophy must survive in time, it is a necessity in the current context of widespread violence ...


    Film by Atlantide Production / Viviane CANDAS Consultant Production -- End of consultation march 2016 -- Looking for producers -- "L ESCLAVE DEVENUE ROI" (french title) -- Director : Viviane CANDAS


    MURDER (2016)
    Film by Michael ROZEK (Drama) Consultant Production -- End of consultation march 2016 -- Beetwen november 2015 to march 2016 -- Feature Film : "MURDER" -- Author / Director : Michael ROZEK -- JLN as LINE PRODUCER CONSULTANT - Consultation / Budget -- Locations : Nebraska, USA

  • AUX ARMES (french title)

    AUX ARMES (french title) (2015)
    Film by Human Corp / Laure HASSAN (Thriller) Line Producer Consultant LINE PRODUCER CONSULTANT - Consultation / Budget -- End of consultation september 2015 -- Consultation : Beetwen may to august 2015 - -- Feature Film : "AUX ARMES'" (french title) -- Author / Director : Laure HASSAN -- Producers : Laure HASSAN, Jerome NEVEU - HUMANCORP FILMS -- Locations : Paris, France

  • Les Garcons Sauvages

    Les Garcons Sauvages (2015)
    Film by Arturo Mio / Frederic Carpentier (Drama) Line Producer Consultant LINE PRODUCER CONSULTANT - Consultation / Budget Consultation : Beetwen april to july 2015 - end of consultation august 2015 -- Feature Film : "LES GARCONS SAUVAGES'" (french title) -- Author / Director : Frederic CHARPENTIER -- Producers : Caroline ROUSSEL - ARTURO MIO -- Locations : Sete, Marseille - France

  • La loi de mon pays

    La loi de mon pays (2012)
    TV Movie by Les Productions Franco American / Dominique LADOGE (Drama) Actor / Consultant During WW2, three football playing young men from Oran (then French Algeria) become friends: the bourgeois student Antoine, Benjamin, a promising student from a modest Jewish family, and Kateb, an Arab fisherman's son. But will their friendship survive as the French Vichy regime, collaborating with the Nazis, harasses the Jews and discriminates the Arab population? -- Production : Franco American / Jean Nainchrik -- TV Movie : France 2 - 2012 -- Director : Dominique LADOGE -- Locations : Tanger, Maroc

  • Versailles the series

    Versailles the series (2011 - 2012)
    Series by Capa Drama Line Producer Consultant In 1667, 28-year-old all-powerful king of France, Louis XIV, decides to build the greatest palace in the world - Versailles. But drained budget, affairs and political intrigues complicate things.

  • R.I.F. (Recherches dans l'Intérêt des Familles)

    R.I.F. (Recherches dans l'Intérêt des Familles) (2011)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Production manager A policeman takes his family on a holiday, and after almost hitting a wild hog, the car won't start. They get hike with a guy scrutinizing his pretty wife. Shortly after, she disappears.

  • Inspector Bellamy

    Inspector Bellamy (2009)
    Film by Aliceleo / Claude CHABROL (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Line Producer As every year, chief inspector Paul Bellamy spends a few days with his wife Francoise in the family house in name. Jacques, Paul's stepbrother, turns up unawares, which is bad news since the fellow is an alcoholic good for nothing. Also annoying is this stranger at bay who asks Bellamy for protection. Farewell peaceful holiday! Written by Guy Bellinger

  • L'auberge rouge

    L'auberge rouge (2007)
    Film by Films Christian Fechner / Gerard KRAWCZYK (Comedy and Crime) Line Producer In the 19th century Pyrenees, a stagecoach stops for the night at an isolated inn run by a couple of murderous thieves. The husband wants to kill and rob them all, but one of them is a priest whom the wife refuses to see harmed.

  • French Fried Vacation 3: Friends Forever

    French Fried Vacation 3: Friends Forever (2006)
    Film (Comedy) Production manager Movie about friends who reunite after 20 years and a lot of things have changed.

  • L'antidote

    L'antidote (2005)
    Film by Films Christian Fechner / Vincent de BRUS (Comedy) Line Producer

  • Chouchou

    Chouchou (2003)
    Film by Films Christian Fechner / Merzak ALLOUACHE - Gad ELMALEH (Comedy) Production manager Chouchou has just arrived in Paris from his home in North Africa. He is scatty and unworldly, and tries to get a bed for the night by spinning an implausible line about being a refugee from the Chilean dictator Pinochet. He is fortunate, because a kindly priest (Father Leon) in a working class suburb has some sympathy for him, and takes him in for a few nights. Father Leon also gets him a job with a lady psychoanalyst, Dr Milovavich, and the job is as receptionist and cleaner. Chouchou does the cleaning in a woman's dustcoat and when Dr Milovavich asks him what he would most like in the world, he replies that he would love to be a woman from head to toe. Dr M. is unabashed by this revelation, and tells him that from tomorrow he can come to work as a woman, Mlle Chouchou. He takes her at her word, and is startlingly convincing the next day, with good female body language, although let down by a marked dark beard shadow. Soon the doctor has to go away for a couple of days on business, ... Written by Hazel Freeman

  • Read My Lips

    Read My Lips (2001)
    Film by Film par Film / Jacques AUDIARD (Crime, Drama, Romance and Thriller) Production manager Young secretary Carla is a long-time employee of a property development company. Loyal and hardworking, first to arrive and last to leave, Carla is beginning to chafe at the limitations of her career and is looking to move up. But as a 35-five-year-old woman with a hearing deficiency, she is not sure how to climb out of her humdrum life, though she is confident in her own abilities. Into her life comes Paul Angeli, a new trainee she decides to hire. Paul is 25 years old and completely unskilled, but Carla covers for him when the need arises because of his other qualities - he's a thief, fresh out of jail and very good-looking. It's a case of good meeting bad. Written by Sujit R. Varma

  • Un crime au paradis

    Un crime au paradis (2001)
    Film by Films Christian Fechner / Jean BECKER (Comedy) Production manager In the 1980 French countryside, farmer Jojo and his ill-tempered wife Lulu hate each other, though their respective interests speak against divorce. The only thing that keeps the oppressed Jojo from murder is the threat of the guillotine... Written by Loic

  • Le voyant

    Le voyant (2001 - 1993)
    Television by Anabase Productions / Pierre William GLENN (Comedy) Production manager 1/ Serie : Le Voyant "Le Renard Aile" - Director : Pierre William Glenn -- Casting : Jean-Pierre Lorit, Alexandre Arbatt -- Locations : Cap Gris Nez, Cap Blanc Nez, Lille - France 2/ Serie : Le Voyant "Pleine Lune" - Director : Alain Schwarztein

  • Chili con carne

    Chili con carne (2000 - 1999)
    Film by Film par Film / Thomas GILOU (Comedy) Production manager Living in perfect harmony with three former boy friends, three kids from these boy friends and her grand mother, Irene came to France from Chili twenty years ago.It would be broken with the arrival of Claude.

  • Le sourire du clown

    Le sourire du clown (1999)
    Film by Mandarin / Eric BESNARD (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Production manager Production : Mandarin / Eric Besnard Feature Film - 1996 Director : Eric Besnard Locations : Prague - Czech Republic, Lyon - France

  • Un petit grain de folie

    Un petit grain de folie (1997)
    TV Movie by Septembre Production / Sebastien GRALL (Comedy) Production manager Production : Septembre Productions / Jean Nainchrik TV Movie : France 2 - 1996 Director Sebastien Grall Casting : Christian Charmettant, Delphine Rich, Jacques Bonnafe, Michel Cremades, ... Locations : Haute Savoie, Annecy, Megeve, ...

  • La nouvelle tribu

    La nouvelle tribu (1996)
    Television by Anabase Productions / Roger VADIM (Comedy) Production manager -- Director : Roger Vadim -- TV Movie 1995 -- Casting : Marie Christine Barrault, Roger Van Hool, Ludmilla Mickael, Sagamore Stevenin -- Locations : Paris - France, Studios

  • Molly

    Molly (1994)
    Television by Quartier Latin Productions / Dominique BARON (Adventure, Drama and Family) Production manager A 12 year old girl goes to a boarding school in France after her parents split up. Upset by this situation, and still hoping her parents will get back together, she runs away from the school to search for her father, who is a musician travelling through eastern Europe. She catches up with him in Poland, and tries to convince him to reconcile with his wife. When this does not look like it will happen, she runs away again, this time to locate her mother and try to convince her of the same thing. Along the way she has many adventures. Written by Anonymous

  • Hexagone

    Hexagone (1994)
    Film by Alhambra Films / Malik CHIBANE (Drama) Production manager -- Casting : Jalil Naciri, Farid Abdedou, Hakim Sarahoui

  • Son of the Pink Panther

    Son of the Pink Panther (1993)
    Film by United Artists / Blake EDWARDS (Comedy) Production manager Eighth entry in the Pink Panther. It is nearly 30 years since Inspector Jacques Clouseau managed to get Maria Gambrelli off from a murder charge (events of "A Shot In The Dark".) Maria has gone on and have moved to a seaside town. Also Princess Yasmin of Lugash has come to the town for a holiday with her father. She is kidnapped and because of the strong ties between France and Lugash, Chief Inspector Dreyfus is called in to find her. He is hampered by the local police officer Jacques and is amazed when he finds that Jacques is Maria's son. He is terrified even though he and Maria are falling in love that Jacques is Clouseau's son and Jacques is showing Clouseau-ish behaviour. Both Jacques and Dreyfus set out to find the missing Princess... -- Casting : Roberto Benini, Claudia Cardinale -- Locations : Monaco - Principaute Monaco, Nice, Marseille, - France

  • Samuel Fuller's Street of No Return

    Samuel Fuller's Street of No Return (1989)
    Film (Action, Drama, Crime and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew A rock star-turned-bum, his vocal chords severed at the height of his career for the love of a woman, reclaims his forgotten past after viewing a music video and seeks revenge against the mobster who maimed him.

  • États d'âme

    États d'âme (1986)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • The Troops & Troop-ettes

    The Troops & Troop-ettes (1982)
    Film (Comedy and Crime) Miscellaneous Crew Cruchot's police office moves into a new building. They do not only get high tech equipment, but also four young female police officers to educate. All of them scramble to work with them -- and cause pure chaos while being distracted by the fine ladies. Then they get into real trouble when one after the other of their female colleagues is kidnapped. Written by Tom Zoerner <>

  • Un film sur quelqu'un

    Un film sur quelqu'un (1972)
    Film Producer Add a Plot »


  • Film : "On my lips" in french "Sur mes lèvres" Jacques AUDIARD


  • Toulouse University Philosophy

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