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Looking for co-writer on a mafia film

Seeking Screenwriter
Location New York City, New York
Status Development
Type Pilot
Genre Crime / Film-Noir
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Date Added Mar 14, 2023
Date Updated Mar 14, 2023
Deadline Sep 14, 2023
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Hello writers

Does anybody have an interest in collaborating on a mafia script?

I have written one thriller out of a Rob Zombie style although much more tame.

For the next thing I wanted to do a different genre. I love all the same mafia
movies that most people do and the advancement of podcasting has brought a lot of
information to the table on real life figures.

I realize mafia is a niche genre and these things are green lit infrequently.
But I love the idea and I don’t want that to deter me.

The general idea is what if there was a modern supermarket that was run by all connected
people. The overall plot would be that the store is going through
a vote at this particular location to unionize.

The corporation (not connected) does not want this vote to pass while the connected
store leadership does, because the local union is corrupt as well.

Now my strength would be experience in the retail world and how this would
correlate into an interesting script.

My weakness in this would be knowledge of the mafia world in terms of coming up
with ideas that have not been done before.
In other words … not remaking goodfellas or casino in a grocery store.

I feel that it will be imperative to create an outline.
We can decide on general plots and subplots.
We can create main and secondary characters.

I have a lot of ideas but I’m not married to anything really other than
the general idea of something like Superstore meets Casino.

Now collaboration… many people say “hey let’s write together” thinking
nothing about how hard it really is.

I will say honestly that I am a procrastinator so one reason for my wanting a partner
is I feel I will be more motivated to focus when somebody is relying on me.

Secondly this is not something I plan on quitting on if the going gets tough.
I want to see this through and develop something from the ground up.

Time table for completion would simply be working whenever we can outside of our jobs and family. So nothing heavy. However I do always want the feeling that we are progressing, so not putting the project away for two months either. I would not be surprised if something like this took a year.

My only expectation is to work with good people, have fun, and take this seriously. 

This is not paid. This is a "couple guys/girls getting together to try and write a script."

PM me if you want to discuss. Thanks


Matthew Parvin

Just applied. Chat me up!

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